She woke up with jitters

Drenched in sweat were her clothes

She didn't know what had happened

Watching all around, into darkness she tore


Something was causing the goosebumps

On her hands and the back of her neck

She chose to ponder around

Ignoring the sirens in her head


"I did have some friends with me

What were their names?"

Her mind was a mess

Was she part of some sick game?


She recalled bits and pieces

Unrelated and incomplete

She limped through the trees

As the owls watched with their beads


The wolves howled so loud

She jumped with sheer fright

It became all too silent

The moon cascading its light


She entered a circular patch 

With silvery light pristine

Her curiosity won over instinct

She wanted to know where to begin


She thought about how she got here

How was she so alone?

She was not bruised or hurt

Or was she and did not know?


The mist darkened with seconds

The silver dimmed with night

Lost in thoughts she didn't notice

She was in someone's sight


He watched her as she frowned

Trying to know how she'd be

"Will she be afraid if I show her

Why shes here with me?"


He came in her line of vision

Dressed in blue and white

It seemed so long since he saw her

Last time was when she was right


"You should not have come with me

You told me not drive

I thought I could handle it

Im sorry babe" he cried


She recalled the accident

She now knew who they were

"We will be fine right?

Will you please come here?"


"It isn't your time now

Go cherish the moments left

Please take care of my family will you?

Don't let them be too depressed.."


She ran behind him 

As he slipped through air

She tore a scream

And ran her hands through her hair


She woke up breathing heavy

"You came back from the dead!"

The Doctor and her friends surrounded her

But he was not there......


◄ Would they care?


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