Where Does The Time Go To

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{Where Does The Time Go To}



As I reflect back on my childhood and then as a teenager and now as a adult and time is fastly slipping away on that slippery slope and there's no way to slow it down 



And soon what has been waiting us will catch up with us in the end 



And death is calling out our names of course 


And I have so much to show for my life but I still feel so incomplete and so hallowed and emptied out at this point in time as I am hunting and searching for what will fill the voided and emptied places inside of me so as my search will continue on for me but I hope it's complete before the time is completely gone away from me 



And you because it's never a good feeling for anyone who wants to feel in their life before we disappear like a cloudy thin layer of dust 



And as a child we are dreaming of a beautiful fairytale and a happy ending and as we fear to fear the unknowns 



And as a teenager we make mistakes that we spend the rest of our adult life trying to overcome and sometimes we can never do 



And where does all of the time go 


And it's slowly slipping away 








©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover originally written on August 9,2016 but posting here on 12/07/2017 all rights reserved 

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