Bad Luck With Love

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​​​​​​{Bad Luck With Love}



He was my love that cought my ? heart by the thing's he would say and show me but now he faded away like our love never meant anything to him 


But it did me for what it's worth now 


I miss the longing of his voice saying I love you


But now my bed is cold on one side as I lay alone tonight writing this hoping one day it might find it's way to his ? heart again and how do I stop loving him they way I do when now we don't even coexist in the same world anymore oh my God the never ending heartache brought on by me loving and longing for him 


And tonight my bed is so cold without him in it but he has now moved on making me apart of his long forgotten past 



And I don't honestly don't know how to stop thinking about him remembering all the conversations we had all the beautiful memories that has filled my mind that I wish I could be blown to smithereens because it's driving me insane because I know he isn't that far away from me but still yet it's like we are a thousand miles apart from each other's ? heart 


And they say loving someone the feeling's will one day fade away like dying petals off of a dying flower that has forever been stolen away as my ? heart continues to rot away drip by drip and by the lasting bloody drop 



And it's only been a few months ago that we sperated went our different ways but now I'm nothing to him 



And I lay here wanting to hold him so close to my chest so our heart's will become one once again and I need the throbbing, pounding of his ? heart bounded together with mine to ease this ? heart breaking pain away from my world 



But I know that's wishful thinking on my part because he is happy and now expecting a new baby




Damn~Damn damnit that could have been mine with him but now I don't have that just a reminder that she now has you but I am still in love with you as I lay here and cry as I write this to you and about us and I never really thought our love would end me while you are now beginning with another woman that sure as hell ain't me oh my God why me, why now please just kill me if that's the only way to make this all end this damned unbearable heartache and pain by loving one man that meant the world to me but now he is just a bad memory that I cannot ignore away from my life but that ain't never happening



And I hate you 

And I still love you

And I miss you

But now you are completely through with me like the old sickened cold or flu and I'm like now what do I do with out you and will I survive or will I die 






©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/02/2017 all rights reserved 

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