Rare Brain Disease

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Sunday, March 6, 2016


Rare Brain Disease

When you have a rare

brain disease with no cure yet

So long ago as me being

inside my mother's

womb a very bad rare

brain disease was

passed on to me while

I was inside of my mother's


Then from that time I

have found out that my

disease is called Arnold Chiari 

Malformation Disease

and the bad pains of

everyday life upon your 

body is completely hell no

way around it

And you may wish in

the back of your mind

silently that this

wasn't your real life

only a bad dream

but chiari is merely

killing me very slowly


©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover all rights reserved Sunday March 6,2016 but posting here on 12/03/2017 


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Tina Glover

Mon 4th Dec 2017 06:11

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the kind words of support yes it's brave poem to share with everyone but we as chiarians we have to bring more awareness to this awful killer rare brain disease and yes about me writing in the first place well that is a good way to release anxiety and pressures of dealing with this disease daily but I'm hoping and praying later on that it does not affect my ability to write knowing the factors of this awful disease and what it can do and how it is killed within the past year 2017 it has killed at least six to seven Chiarians so far and one just passed away on December 1,2017 due to having surgery and not waking back up from anesthesia and it's simple I'm a warrior and conqueror each day

But thank you for the comment back on this piece I do appreciate it

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Martin Elder

Sun 3rd Dec 2017 15:04

Hi Tina
this is a very brave poem to share. I admire you for being able to write it in the first place, but also to share it with others.
Thank you

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