Last resort

Her little heart broke as reality hit
It wasn't really what she'd believed
Her fairytale nightmare didn't fit
All this time she'd been deceived 

She wasn't someone special after all
Not in their eyes at all, just a person 
Who'd accepted every single flaw

Her gracious heart her big let down 
Life was cold and people selfish
As she realised this with a frown
Her little heart began to break down 

She wanted to be spectacular 
And she'd never been happier 
Than when she was convinced
Thats what they would think 

But in fact she was just simple 
A last resort and the only choice
In a sea of much better people 
Just one without a loud voice 

Her compassion her big down fall
She'd allowed herself to be drawn in
And they had finally taken it all
With persistence and coaxed sin 

She wasn't special any more
Not to them or even herself
They'd just pretend to adore
For them, there was just no else 

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