What we often remember

my brother and I is that

on intense summer nights

steam engines struggled

on a slow incline with the parcels special

when we lay as though tethered to the ride


wishing we had meccano sets

not to be;

turning over schoolboy fantasies

that burned under the sheets

curtained against a dying sun. 




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Stu Buck

Sat 9th Dec 2017 14:25

its llangollen ray, a beautiful area and lovely railway. i used to live near pickering in yorkshire too, another cracker.

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Sat 9th Dec 2017 13:52

HI Rose. I'm glad this ticked a box for you - no reason why ladies shouldn't equally enjoy being transported back to nostalgic times! My parents never owned a car so went everywhere by train; magic times. Blackpool saw big crowds coming by train (still open), again before cars. Just think, no car parking fees then! I'll check out Ted Nugent ....
Thanks for responding.

Thanks Hannah, appreciated. I might follow this up the nostalgia trail with one in a similar vein ....

Yes Leon. They do pack quite a punch - back in the day they were rather sad and dirty and leaking in the sixties(a bit like me now). Thanks mate.

Stu very pleased you like this. I am thinking you might be referring to the Llandudno branch or is it Wrexham?
I love railway poetry especially Adlestrop. How lucky to be close to such treasures! All the best to you.

Thanks also, Beno, Col and David. Appreciated.

Dream on everyone. Ray

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Stu Buck

Sat 9th Dec 2017 13:11

intense summer nights. how lovely ray, i am but a slip of a man compared to thee, but i too love the steam railway near my house and can feel the sun on the nape of my neck as i read this.

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Fri 8th Dec 2017 22:43

nice piece Ray.A lot has to be said for the guys who restore these beautiful beasts as well

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Hannah Collins

Fri 8th Dec 2017 20:43

Beautiful poetry. A glimpse into a childhood.
Look forward to more.


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Rose Casserley

Fri 8th Dec 2017 16:31

enjoyed this piece, Ray. I used to live quite close to a station and as you and your kid used to do I also used to lay in bed at night obviously not being inspired by the sound into wanting to own a Meccano set

but being inspired nevertheless into dreaming of those "far away places with strange sounding names"

excluding Blackpool of course! (I jest)
'Blackers' had then and still has its handy location not to mention being a kid's paradise (bless their designer cotton socks!)

Rose ?

ps. was the title partly inspired by a Ted Nugent Album? I'll leave you to guess which one

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