The shell

This skin we're in is just a toy 
A functional case that holds us
One our brains train to employ 
For uses which are often bogus

The world has made these toys
Into an ever growing commodity
Now it functions to attract boys
As it has done throughout history

But on a level that induces insanity
In most who now desire an upgrade
People have been infected by vanity
By this they do themselves degrade 

Conjuring ways to reach their absurd
Opinion of how their functional shells
Should look to the surrounding world.
Lost in this, they will lose themselves.

There are those whose luck is genetic
Not worried about making changes 
But their arrogance is quite pathetic 
Core is rotten while the skin engages

A case which in time will match its core
An inevitable end for all who dabble 
In this absurd obsession of wanting more
Attention for their exterior bubble 

Just an observation from a simpleton
With a toy neither shiny nor broken 
But one that functions just to serve
What the interior orders it to observe. 

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Hannah Collins

Mon 18th Dec 2017 21:04

Thought provoking , well written about an endless subject.


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