Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #18 {He Just Don't Realize That I Still Care}

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{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #18} {He Just Don't Realize That I Still Care} 




He treats me like

I never really even

existed to him even

when I did `n` now wish

I didn't exist to him

but in his reality I 

don't or never did but

I still do care though




`n` he doesn't care about

me or never really did 

because if he did he

would at least try to

talk to me now 




He doesn't care that

I still care about him

`n` how `n` the hell

can you just shut or

cut those types of

feeling's off then go

jump in bed with

the next woman you

meet off the streets

because I can't do it 

I've been trying so hard 

to move on without him

now but I messed up `n` 

got attached to him because

he would say hi to me

every day to see how I 

was feeling then we

would talk for hours

sometimes then text

`n` then all of that was

rudely took away from me 




Why can't he see

I still care about him 




`n` as they say if you

love someone let it go

`n` if it comes back to

you it was always

meant to be 



but that surely isn't

helping my broken

? heart from stop

thinking, carrying

about him `n` wishing

he was here with me

right now `n` I guess

that's a fantasy to me

now because he is happy

without me so I've got

to be happy to or at

least pretend to be 



but I would give

anything to see his

face in front of mine 










©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/10/2017 all rights reserved 

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