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You're the other side of the world 

Yet I still think of you 

From time to time 

And what might have been 

If we'd only given each other a chance

I hope you are happy with her. 

And wish you no ill will 

But perhaps a wistful dream 

That you could of been mine 

You see I have another in my dreams 

And he haunts me 

With the knowledge that it didn't work out 


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Poets like us 

Are together all the time 

For our words bind us 

If you leave 

Promise youll return 

Because I dont think 

I can do without your words 

Lovers over time 

Your eyes look into mine 

I dont want the old ways 

Lets make a new path 

Where everything is fresh and new 

And I can begin to show how much I really love you ......

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my love

It would be an honour 

For you to read me your poems 

In fact all of your words 

Are like poems to me 

So tell me some more 

And ive heard your stories 

But tell me again 

Tell me some more 

I wait I listen 

You are the voice in the wilderness 

That kept me whole 

You saw the light in me 

That I couldnt find. 

For that my love 

I am grateful 

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