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Baby it's Cold

Baby it's Cold outside 

and I need you now 

To take away these shivers 

Put your arms around me 

and hold me for an eternity 

and do not be afraid of the dark 

For it leads the way to light 

You are my protector 

and I am thankful 

For all that you are 

and all that you will be.  


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Love Doesn't

Love doesn't live here anymore, 

and I'm tired now.  

Black and blue. 

Blue and black.  

This course has served it's purpose.  

This phase has come to an end.  

and I must begin again. . 

I must take each broken piece 

and bind it together with gold. 

My mother once said to me, 

Do not ever give yourself up.  

I didn't know what she meant 

Until this moment 


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You are so much more than you allow yourself to be,  

I would not like to think of you unhappy 

Or sleepless, 

Can you hear the wind 

It whispers our names 

When you are low or weak, 

I want you to think of me 

and bask in an ocean of love 

You saw me 

and you taught me 

and made me a better person 

I would love to hold you right now 

and right each wrong 


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I looked for you today,. 

and it was cold, 

I would have liked to have snuggled up 

With you in your jacket 

and it was like losing you

all over again 

You not being there 

and I felt strangely empty 

But I must not be selfish 

and should see things from your view 

and try to be a friend to you

It's just this ache in me. 

That only you can fill 

But I must tr...

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The full moon was high, 

I could sense boundaries slipping 

and my vision was strong, 

unsure at first, 

But you cannot fool or shock a witch, 

Or make them feel less of what they are, 

I dont need to shout, 

Or gather in packs, 

or show off or mock, 

That is not my style, 

I can't criticise you

For what you have done 

Or who you are 

As I do not know what le...

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Somehow there is a window open from me to you, 

Not my fault as it's not yours, 

Yet still you blame,. 

Why can't you accept 

and send goodwill and peace, 

It seems when I am tired or sad, 

Not often 

You sense this 

as if you feel what I feel 

and it makes you angry 

I don't know why, 

Maybe I should close this window 

Bolt it shut, 

Or put up pretty curtain...

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A kiss from me to you, 

Let it travel through the ether 

and slowly settle upon your lips, 

Deep warm kisses to warm you

In this cold winter air, 

Did you know kisses 

Make you feel good, 

They help with stress, 

So I'll kiss you better, 

Eskimo kisses when it's cold, 

Kisses on your forehead and nose, 

To remind you of love 

and to show you your mine, 


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Magical ways

If you look for magic 

you will find it, 

In the light of a child's eyes,. 

Amongst the autumn leaves 

and in the morning dew.  

It's everywhere, 

Listen carefully 

and you can hear the fairies chatter

and the beat of Angel wings close by, 

In the starlight 

and when the moon beams full, 

Look in the mirror 

My dear, 

Your magical too, 

A miracle

Look f...

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The trouble with me

The trouble with me is, 

I don't want half hearted kisses 

and stolen moments, 

I want to curl up in marshmallow pillows 

With you and wrap my arms around you, 


Drink hot chocolate all night 

and snuggle the cold away with you, 

I want to find a log cabin in the woods, 

and just go there, 

Whenever we feel like it, 

I don't need diamonds or expensive perf...

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I don't have much money, 

But boy if I did, 

I'd buy a big house, 

where we both could live, 

See I've forgotten,.

Cos these things I do, 

Ive forgotten if they're green or they're blue, 

See the thing is, 

What I really mean, 

See yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen...  

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Silent words

When you are in darkness, 

I want to shine light, 

If you are tired 

Lay your head for a time, 

this too shall pass my dear, 

I will love every part of you, 

Even your shadowside, 

For in doing so I embrace myself, 

all our mistakes 

are lessons. 

Leading us to Eden, 

To destiny, 

to healing and union. 

Do not hate yourself.  

Or be afraid of silence, 


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Talking of times past, 

A friend tells me one night you turned up at mine, 

Couldn't get in, 

Couldn't get me to answer, 

So you climbed the fence, 


Ended up covered in wine, 

As the bottle you had brought broke, 

shattered and fell, 

all over you, 

so you gave in, 

turned up in the pub,  

to tell friends of your escapades,. 

Strangely comforting now, 


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Meet me in the mountains, 

where the two rivers meet, 

and the wind calls our names, 

not all is what it seems, 

I need you now,  

To listen to me 

and to teach me, 

Talk to me, 

There is so much I want to hear from you.  

If there is a field, 

where hurts are gone 

and no words spoken.  

Then how do I find it and you.  

Where is the map. 

Show me the way....

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Crazy Diamond

I'm that rough diamond kind of girl, 

Who might cut you if you get too close, 

But who wants to be your best friend 

and your lover maybe too.  

Who wants to go on adventures new with you, 

and travel roads, 

See all those polished diamond girls, 

Living in suburbia, 

With there perfect ikea homes, 

Perfect smiles, 

Lovely children, 

They are out there, 

would b...

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I could not help but stare at the moon tonight, 

Full and bright, 

With shadow mountains, 

we are like the moon, 


But with shadows, 

Sometimes we exist in the shadows, 

Before we move into the light.  

Until we learn to love ourselves, 

we cannot love another truly, 

Sometimes I want to wrap you up in my arms, 

and make every hurt right, 

But I know tha...

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Maybe there's a God above, 

But all I've ever learnt from love, 

Is how to shoot somebody who outdrew you....  


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In the air

There is a sadness in the air today, 

I buy flowers,  

Lay them down, 

Candles burn, 

How can you lose what you  never had? 

Or never allowed yourself to have, 

Sometimes walking through the rooms of life, 

There are dusty sheets, 

Memories wanting to be uncovered, 

Brush off the dust, 

Let in the light old friend, 

Remove the shutters from your eyes, 

Forgive a...

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You must understand people aren't perfect, 

If your looking for that you will never find it, 

You will move from one to the next, 

Like you have 

and will. 

Perhaps its not our time, 

Perhaps it never will be, 

Such angry words.  

Not acknowledging the hurt you caused.  

But all is forgiven and should be.  

I have work to do on myself.  

I seek the light, 

and t...

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Old friend lost

He was my friend, 

we were young, 

Taken before his time, 

With the angels now, 

I think of him from time 

To time. 

So young to leave this life 

Rest in peace

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Meant to be

What's meant to be, 

will always find a way, 

The universe has a plan

Closed doors can open, 

People cross your path for a reason, 

to wake you up, 

to make you change, 

although many just plod on the same, 

How many times

Do we confront ourselves, 

We must be free 

You and me, 

But that doesn't mean we cannot love, 

I haven't shut the door,. 

I don't know...

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we are stars, 

wrapped in skin, 

the light you have been seeking, 

has always been within.  

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I slept early and deep, 

my dream filled with faces, 

and places.  

Ancestors from the past.  

Messages given I do not understand.  

My cards tell me, 

Take heed, 

for all is not as it seems, 

the divine masculine is rising, 

he is angry and confused, 

I pray that someone, 

brings me some news soon.  

Keepers of the light.  

Show me signs. 

Guides and ange...

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Under the Forest

See the trees rippling, 

the soft sunlight caressing our faces, 

Like Angel smiles, 

Everywhere is a smell

deep and strong, 

Of the earth

where we belong,. 

Come let me show you the way

Take my hand, 

Lie beneath this tree, 

Understand here 

There is only you and me. 

Beneath the stars, 

between two lands, 

allow the rain to wash 

away each tear, 


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Arms of the Angels

By Sarah Mclachlan 

In the arms of the angels,  fly away from here, 

From this dark cold hotel room and the endless ness that you fear, 

You are pulled from the wreckage of this silent


In the arms of the angels may you find some comfort here 


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I have danced often between two worlds, 

One full of light and hope and smiling faces, 

the other judgement and condemnation 

In Sunday grasps. 

It has not been an easy Road, 

Sometimes walked alone. 

Full of wine and song. 

I have told lies, 

To stop interrogations, 

Danced with the devil, 

Chosen the wrong paths, 

to find the truth, 

and it has all led to here...

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Sent to me from the heavens, 

With your Angel hair

and loving arms, 

Righting every wrong, 

Making everything worthwhile, 


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Nights like this.

Nights like this, 

When all the covers roll into one, 

And you sleep under the same star filled sky, 

All your lovers are quiet tonight, 

And they do not hear your songs, 

But you are in  my dreams, 

With your Tiger smile,

Eyes that glitter

And a knowledge of other world's,

Between the ocean and the shore,

Talk to me now

and tell me adventures new, 

How many tim...

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The wind blows cold and fresh today, 

I see the leaves darting by, 

the clouds moving quickly in the sky, 

Change is in the air, 

The universe is sending me signs, 

So I must take heed, 

With this heart of mine, 

If only for a while, 

Rest your tired head upon my lap, 

Beneath this tree, 

Time is certain, 

It evolves,



Between the rivers ...

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Let it.

Let all the anger roll into the estuaries of time, 

away from me, 

away from you, 

Tonight there is a thinness between world's, 

A veil between destinies

and I see you, 

Only I don't know what to do, 

With knowing you, 

Or where you are 

Or live, 

I am safe, 

My bed is warm, 

To know you, 

Is to know the truth, 

so allow me this, 

With your gypsy swagge...

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Man with a Hat

I catch my breath, 

He looks like someone I once knew, 

Man with a Hat, 

sitting on the ground, 

asking for coins and bits of bread, 

Let it not be you I think, 

I mutter to myself, 

I toss him a coin, 

Man with a Hat, 

he smiles, 

God bless yer, 


He says, 

I breathe a sigh of relief, 

That it is not you, 

But some other poor soul, 

Fallen on...

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I have travelled oceans of time to be here, 

To find you, 

in the recess of memories you exist, 

Always there, 


You are my teacher, 

My guide, 

my lover through the ages, 

In knowing you, 

I know myself. 

In loving you, 

I love myself. 

In dreams we meet. 

Forever chasing the sun. 

Will you take my hand

Sing this song of mine, 

and dance t...

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Catch a tear

Catch a tear upon your pillow, 

Don't let it last for a lifetime, 

Shake off the doubters, 

The haters, 

The non believers, 

Remember the peace in silence,

The light within,

Always be true to yourself, 

Your wisdom, 

Eternal being, 



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White Dress

It hangs in the wardrobe.

Reminding her of the vows, 

and confetti. 

And lovely cake. 

That the relatives. 

Cooed about. 

She looks at him

Across the dinner table. 

Wondering when

And why

He started pretending 

And why she had to be his fodder. 

This big house gets lonely. 

And one day her daughter will 


And all those cooing relatives. 

Will s...

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Man in a blue Shirt

Beneath the wind,

Underneath the sun,

You hide,

Man in a blue shirt,

Charming Prince, 

In all your glory,

Love should be true, 

Not forced, 

Or hidden, 

But that is how it was,

And still is, 

Man in a blue shirt,

Tell me your name

and we can shout it from

The roof tops

Sing songs to the stars, 

The night is still,

No sound of broken hearts, 


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River runs deep

One day they will all stop shouting

All those voices inside your head, 

From the past, 

Who asked you not to leave, 

begged you to be the one, 

To save them, 

And maybe the rumours are true, 

Your ex wife was right, 

And I should leave you be, 

To drown in whisky and lovers, 

Only I can hear your heart beat, 


Like rain, 

Drumming on the window pane,...

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Rainbow Colours

You hid, 

Underneath all those smiles, 

Lonely sheets left like lovers, 

And oh how she loves you, 

Beneath the night we hide, 

You and I in our darkness, 

Forgotten lovers, 

But the stars shine bright, 

And you keep returning to me, 

The bathwater runs cold, 

I weep over your loss

And your rainbow colours

And sham vows, 

Lay with me for a time, 

No need t...

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Twin Flame

I still love you, 

I can hear your heartbeat, 


Some people you cannot forget,  

Always there, 

Burning like a shining star, 

Take my hand, 

Lead me through the door, 

I cannot remember leaving, 

Ive never seen so much hurt

In one persons eyes, 

Let's go to the mountains, 

Lose ourselves for a time, 

Then tell me you are not mine

I love you throug...

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Song Unsung.

There's this song, 

that keeps playing in my head, 

About me and you, 

It just won't leave me be, 

Like all the nights rolled into one, 

Imagine that, 

How many stars would that be, 

And how brightly the moon would shine, 

Our friend the moon, 

Every time I think you are gone

That is the end of that, 

No longer even a thought, 

A note or two comes back,. 


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Magical manifestations beckon, 

Upon the horizon, 

Leave the past, 

Let it seep into the earth, 

Allow the sun to enrich your desires

Each lesson

Each truth

Had its purpose

Hear the chatter of the merry brook

Allow the love of the forest 

To caress your skin

And look to your future dear. 

It's only just beginning. 

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Her love

May she love you like she should

If she doesnt hold you right

Do you think of me 

Or how it could have been 

Give her my love 

As I laugh in the sun 

Travelling the road. 

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My silence is only created, 

By illusions. 

Frightened of speaking truths, 

To someone who isn't you

Through the ether 

I sense your pain

There is no need to apologise or beg, 

But if you do not stand in the sun, 

And show me your true name

True face, 

How can I explain

I don't know why

You are on my mind

What we had was brief

But I can't forget

Maybe I...

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The petals fall from the flowers

The seed remains under the earth, 

Laughter should ring once more, 

Not this soul searching wretchedness, 

Come take my hand, 

Forgiving and forgiven,

In my night I do think of you, 

And in my day too 

It's not with hatred and bitterness 

But with kindness and

warmth and love 

My tears fall too

Let them dry.... 

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Listening to cars passing by

I think of you, 

Sleep is elusive 

Why do you awaken my desires for you

When you are least on my mind

Suddenly you reappear



Show yourself to me

In your glory

Stop hiding beneath the shadows

Let us bathe in the sun

Love me like you should

Dreams beckon

Maybe we will meet again

Between realities 


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Other cares

Always there by my side, 

Should I swallow this eternal pride, 

Missing you when not there, 

Looking forward to clearer air, 

Friendship beckons and that alone

Is worth more than other cares. 

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Magical Waters

Don't try to take away my pen. 

My voice, 

You seem so far away, 

You visit this land and don't tell me, 

My friend told me you were a dreamer, 

Don't trust a dreamer, 

Especially one with blue eyes, 

I'd give anything right now, 

To talk again, 

For you to lead me through Magical Waters. 

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The Calm


The heartbeats, 

But there is calm now, 

My twin flame is safe 

Not with me

But safe 

Still fighting for my life 

I turn to other wordsmiths 

Nobody prostitutes a soul, 

The San scars are healing 

Because of your help

Light and words 

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The craving for you, 

Like a drug, 

Must be fought, 

Loving you, 

From this angle, 

I see you snared

Cast your spell over me. 

Fuck metaphysics

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Eyes that Meet.

How easy to pretend,

And all that jazz,

Missing him,

It's easy to recall,

Paintings on the wall,

Music in my soul,

I can hear the tinkle of your wine glass,

Fool me,

Fool yourself,

Fool each other,

All of the awakenings, 

Become one. 

Trinkets from each love.

Our eyes meet,

Across the crowded room.

As the dance continues... 



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As the Lion Watches

New York is cold,

But I like where I am staying,

I'm writing to you now,

To see if I'm forgiven,

Those must have been, 

deadly kisses,

For you are gone,

But not forgotten,

The wild in me,

recognised the wild in you,

Take my hand,

Let me show you,

the moon and the stars,

and the Lion,

walking the streets,

Of New York,

can you see him?

We can shake ...

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Your Hatred

Your hatred, 


through him and her 

Knows no boundaries,

Do not not apply within.

Be free child.

Be free xxx



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