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Butterflypoem/8 earth angels

She was an earth Angel, 

Destined to walk the paths 

Of enlightenment 

To help others 

To find their light, 

For this was her destiny 

And forever in her heart 

Was a long time, 

He was Destined to cross 

Her path. 

Time and time 

Again and together 

They would make each other 


For two earth angels 

Are better than one..... ♥ 


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Butterfly. POEM 7/midsummers

Midsummers eve, 

There is a quiet a stillness

As the wolves watch 

And the breeze ruffles 

The leaves in the trees, 

The animals know, 

Their eyes are bright and keen 

Watch them move, 

Watch them as they watch us 

The moon is high 

As the winds whistle, 

I think of you, 

I think of her 

We are all one tonight 

And the veil is thin 


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Butterfly Poem 6/Natasha

I see the sadness 

I want to take this away from you, 

I have been a mother to many, 

And now you, 

You think I am, 

Telling you what to do, 

It's because I have a strong, 

Desire to make it OK, 

To take the hurt away, 

From that night, long ago, 

My lovely, 

My love 

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Butterfly Poem 5/Raquel

I said we would laugh 

And laugh over him, 

So Amusing that we can see, 

The funny side now, 

My Rival, 

And now my sister, 

My friend, 

Virginia Woolf knew best, 

When she formed her clan, 

Something given, 

Something gained.  

Our laughter rings true 

Above his....... 

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Butterfly Poem 4/ Natasha

And so on this day, 

When I am surrounded by, 

Memories And tension, 

You walk back into my life 

And as sure 

As the tides 

and night and day, 

I will be there for you, 

In little ways,  

That I hope make 

A difference, 

And through the Sands of time, 

We belong to the universe,. 

Not always our family, 

Or the people who surround us, 

Mothers come in ...

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Butterfly Poem 3/doors

How many times do we shut doors, 

Only to open them again 

And take a peek, 

Whilst others we must, 

Bolt shut, 

Others open briefly, 

Others stay ajar, 

I need you and you are not here.  

I need him and neither is he, 

Yet she remains, 

And he remains, 

Has returned, 

And I welcome this, 

A butterfly can fly through a tiny gap, 

So leave that door ajar fo...

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Butterfly Poem 2

I nurtured you 

Like you were my own 

Protected too

And one day

I know 

You will fly back to me, 

And land briefly 

I think of you, 

From time to time, 

But it is not, 

A constant ache, 

Like it used to be, 

We mother, 

In many different ways, 

Some grow forests, 

And books, 

Others many children, 

I know now my place in the universe, 

What I w...

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Ownership /Butterfly Poem 1

You think you own me, 

Who owns a river, 

Who owns the Ocean, 

Or the moon,? 

Or the stars

You think by your words, 

Your threats your laughter 

And her threats

And jibes 

You can Control my life, 

Think again 

As certain 

As the Sands of time, 

I will rebuild, 

I will fly free.  

Butterflys will hide, 

In their cocoon, 

But watch them in full fli...

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There is a peace, 

In knowing, 

You are close, 

But not close enough, 

How many people, 

Can we love in one life, 

How many doors close, 

But others open, 

Sometimes I walk through rooms, 

Covered in dusty sheets, 

Where there was our love, 

I pull back the blinds, 

And let the sun in, 

Dancing with dust angels...... 

I think of you from time to time, 


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And so you turn up, 

From the past, 

Asking me, 

To be perfect, 

Only I'm not, 

Im a flawed diamond, 

All my curves, 

All my edges 

So don't ask me to be 


You did long ago 

And then you chose her, 

Over me, 

And I can't help but feel, 

That you think, 

History will repeat itself, 

And I shall fall 

Again at your feet, 

But know this, 


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As I listen

As I listen 

To your music, 

I see you in all I do, 

And it makes me stronger, 

Not weaker, 

Shine Bright, 

We are all stars, 

Like dust,  

Returning to the earth, 

Be at peace,  

With mother earth, 

And father sky, 

May all your broken dreams heal, 

And for one moment, 

Be at peace

And listen .......

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Everyone has a story, 

Listen carefully enough, 

I heard yours, 

I heard hers 

I heard his, 

I listened until my head hurt, 

Everyone can teach you, 

They are either a lesson, 

Or a blessing, 

I see the shadows move, 

They are only shadows, 

And I am safe, 

In the knowledge, 

You reassured me, 

But it's fair to say,  

I needed to stand on my own, 


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Shine Bright

There is no competition, 

Only the knowledge you were once mine, 

She was once mine, 

And now we have and all we have, 

Is this moment, 

Not yesterday, 

Or tomorrow, 

But this moment alone, 

So be at peace my friends, 

And shine Bright like a diamond, 

For this broken world we live in, 

Is still beautiful, 

Full of heroism 

And everyday miracles....... 


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So I sold a dress today, 

Full of broken dreams, 

And silly promises we made, 

Living in the moment, 

Is what we need to do, 

Im sure your living it, 

With her or him,. 

And I have finally let you go 

Memories fade, 

And the silly promises we made, 

Unstitched like broken seams 

I have a path to take, 

To help others, 

Find there way, 

So this dress, 


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Peace comes from remembering only love is real xxx ♥ ♥ ♥. Blessings everyone 

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Find a way home

Today on my way home,  a woman jumped off a bridge.  I do not know her fate,  but I know the effect it had on me.  Be at peace.  Police called it an incident.  

Angel wings carry you, 

May you now be free, 

Away from the ties that bound you, 

I say a prayer for you, 

May all that knew you be blessed too, 

From the sorrow that took you, 

You see we are all simply, 

Going hom...

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We are stars wrapped in skin the light we are seeking has always been within 🌟 

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Hazy Days

Hazy Days,  

And lazy nights, 

With you,. 

Is this Love? 

Or an excuse for 

Not being alone,. 

Your the cocktail 🍸 

Without the booze,. 

The chocolate without the 


And it is a kind of loving 

A meeting of sorts, 

And the seagulls will chatter 

But let us not worry

Let us simply be, 

Grounded as two, 

In these hazy Days of ours...... 

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We were

We were caught, 

In the garden of sin, 

You and I, 

Did you see,  

The lion,. 

In the streets of New York, 

See he can tell you, 

A tale, 

And so can I, 

We can sit on the rooftops, 

Until 4am, 

And drink coffee,  

At out favourite haunts, 

Did you see the lion, 

Did he tell you, 

My secrets, 

Did you listen 

Carefully at first, 

Sip a cocktail...

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Runaway Dreams

This town full of stale ale smells, 

And broken dreams 

And still I love it 

and I love you my friend, 

Even though you were his lover, 

I have forgiven that, 

We smile at each other, 

And nod and exchange 

Our lives 

And you are beautiful, 

In my eyes, 

As friendship goes 

An angel, 

Even though you are fallen, 

You will rise again, 

Im sure 


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Liar Liar,.

And so you turn out to be a fraud, 

Like all the rest, 

Honesty is always, 

The best test......... 

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Salvation. 2

and you have been sent to me, 

What will become of it, 

I know you are in danger, 

My love and I carry you, 

In my bones through the day, 

Your words of love, 

Are healing broken pieces, 

So I will listen to them, 

For a while, 

You think of me in your morning calls, 

And last thing at night, 

And like a fool I believe you to be mine, 

You are healing broken pie...

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And now I remember the blossom, 

On trees, 

The petals that fell, 

Like our childish whispers, 

I remember the fear of running late, 

Running last, 

And when I see blossom now, 

I touch it,

 hold it, 

And wonder why I am crying......... 

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Summer Heat

Wrap your thoughts up in mine, 

Allow yourself to be vulnerable, 

As I answer all your questions, 

Baby you are so special to me, 

You have arrived in the nick of time,. 

And God always sends his love to me, 

So handsome, 

So smart, 

Stay safe my love until, 

We meet again..... ♥ 

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Love is

Love is all around me, 

Love is in the air today, 

I let the sunshine caress my skin, 

The grass crunching beneath my feet, 

I know that the universe is watching, 

Waiting,  watching, angels above....... ♥ 



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So many questions unanswered, 

Mistakes made, 

I pray for those who still suffer, 

The officials who helped, 

The firefighters who fought, 

And the victims and families,. 

One year on nearly, 

Still no answers, 

Just muddled reports, 

Of how and why, 

And numbers concocted, 

To limit the truth 

They want the truth, 

We want the truth, 

Rest in peace



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Something old something New.

Your memories are here, 

The touch of you far away, 

And I am finally leaving you 


Like a child letting go of a parents hand, 

For better, 

For worse 

In sickness in health, 

Promises broken, 

Promises made.  

Under this beautiful sky, 

I say your name, 

To the God's 

And thank Fuck I finally, 

Can wash you out of my hair 

And she is with me no...

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This constant search, 

For peace I have, 

For nirvana 

And enlightenment, 

Away from drama 

and to flow, 

With the universe, 

Anyone who threatens that, 

Is simply falling by the wayside, 

And Its a lonely place to be, 

I seek peace for the world 

But the world will have to sort itself, 

With its hatred and wars, 

Bombs and guns. 

Futility, all...

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When you said you hated me, 

I said I hated you back, 

We had a funny way of loving, 

Back then, 

Your crazy cat, 

You called me, 

Im angry with you now, 

Why are you so far away, 

When I need you, 

Put away your poetry, 

You said to me, 

It's not cool, 

Be like me, 

Music's in my soul, 

You were wild, 

So was I, 

Do not hero worship me you said, 


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Full Moon 2 - lyrics.

Can't rest tonight, 

Can't settle in my skin, 

Full moons out high, 

And the past tells lies, 

It's that reoccurring dream, 

That Smoke screen............. 

Telling me lies 

Making everything right.............. 

Can't rest tonight..... 

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Kyle - aged 13

You were taken from us, 

Far too young, 

With your dad in heaven now, 

Angel kisses reign down on you, 

And all who grieve, 

We will always love you, 

Miss you,. 

I remember your smile, 

Your courage, 

I remember how all, 

Rallied round in this town, 

This humble, 

Old cobbled town of mine, 

And yours, 

That I love so dearly, 

For helping you.  Xxxx 


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Quickening heart.

You saved me long ago, 

And then again recently, 

Why must it always be so, 

Ive seen her, 

So smug, 

Owning you, 

And oh how she did, 

Shout at me, 

Must it always be 

My fault, 

My heart quickens, 

When you are near,. 

Must it always be so.....  ♥ 

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A Wish

A Wish from me to you, 

across the Ocean, 

Come back to me, 

I need you now, 

It was so many years ago 

Yet I still think of you so, 

From time to time, 

You taught me care 

and protection 

and that some men 

Don't hit out, 

You valued my friendship, 

Come back to me, 

My love, 

From across the Ocean....... ♥ 

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Words.... 2

We have found a way forward, 

and I thank you all, 

For showing me a way 

In life we try to leave our mark, 

Children, books, paintings, 

Any mark that we have been 

Here and existed. 

Here is my mark, 

In this community, 

and the people I have loved, 

and lives I have touched. 

I ask God to help, 

The universal force, 

The keeper of my worries,  

And I kn...

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Comes from

Unexpected places, 

Drip, Drip, 

Over time, 

I hear your voice, 

There's a girl, 

From the past 

and she's trying 

To haunt me, 

and he's trying, 

to curtail me, 

But I remember 

What you said, 

Friendship is 


Worth more 

and only the negative 

Will flourish if you 

Let it, 

Step by step, 

I take, 


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Party Sobriety

I'm sat at a party, 

They are all so drunk, 

Makes me realise how silly, 

We were before, 

Im counting the days, 

The months,  the years, 

Looking at their drinks, 

I feel lonely, 

Maybe I should join in, 

Drink myself into oblivion, 

But I reach for strength, 

A tea will do fine, 

I wish you were here with me, 

Someone by my side, 

But this mad girl, 


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Angel wings

Angel wings watch over you, 

Protecting in all you do, 

Angel wings watch over me, 

Asking me to be free, 

Away from the ties that bind me, 

Asking me to be free

Angel wings watch over me, 

Angel wings watch over you............ 

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The Universe - Prose/stream of conciousness

The universe brings, the universe takes, it brought you at  a time of need, it has taken you again. It has taken children from me.

WE must all go on, Small steps are better than none at all. Anyone in depths of despair. Clear a space for your thoughts.

Reach out and hold someones hand, smile at a stranger.

The world keeps on turning, the chatter, the noise. Be at peace. I am fighting a ba...

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For Kyle-a prayer aged 13

Little man, 

We have lost you, 

To heaven above, 

My heart is broken, 

Into a million pieces, 

Our hearts are broken, 

My friends hug me, 

Tell me you are in a better place, 

But how my tears they do reign, 

The angels are with you now, 

and it is us that must go on, 

To grow old and grey 

and talk of you, 

Beautiful boy, 

I pray for your sister, 

Your ...

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Just Be - lyrics 2

Don't say nothing, 

Just be next to me, 

When youve had enough, 

Go but make sure you return, 

Let's be quiet together, 

No need to shout, 

Just sit and hold my hand, 

I know I'm complicated, 

I know you know it too, 

But just be, 

Let you be you, 

Me be me, 

Just be, 

I know you are tired of my voice, 

You get on my nerves, 

Go but return to me, 


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Some never experience this, 

It's not a sin, 

Sometimes it's the only way, 

To save yourself, 

Before you can truly 

Give yourself to another, 


Old fashioned values, 

and religion will judge, 

But free yourself dear 

If you must 

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Hearts. - prose

Long ago,  I had a friend who traded,  her heart for mine.  It's now been paraded for all to see. The choice was mine.  The choice was hers. They say have no regrets, full stories seem not to be told.  I took heed of your warnings,  I welcome your light and peace. Do not speak of me so. For in doing so you diminish who you are.  You were a messenger in a time of need.  Do not judge me for past mis...

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Vows to him 

and promises forever 

are not something to be treasured 

He is not there, 

When you need him 

Or there when you fall 

In fact he causes those falls 

and here lies the lesson, 

Here the spirituality  lies, 

anyone who leaves you at your weakest 

Is not worth the paper he writes upon, 

He cannot be true, 

To anyone, 

Especially himself, 

The tea...

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And the words fall

So easily 

From your pen 

and your mouth 

and your keyboard 

and tap tap, 

Your fingers do go 

and the irony 

Is you do not see 

You are a being of light 

But extinguishing others 

Doesn't make you brighter, 

you have fallen too, 

Oh you have fallen too, 

Into a well, 

As she claws your back, 

You are so easily taken 

and deceiv...

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Sending healing to all in need 

I hear you through the ether 

I hear your plea's....♥ ♥ 


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Salvation. - prose

He is my Salvation, 

When I say I am strong, 

He sees my body is weak, 

Again he trys to rescue me, 

His unconditional regard 

His love sees me through the nights, 

Long ago I met him, 

In younger troubled times 

He is my Knight in shining armour, 

Even though he is torn, 

Even though he is a father and now 

In romance again 

Straight through and through, 

I ...

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Angel wings

Angel wings watch over me, 

Angel wings watch over you, 

Look at the sky so blue, 

Take a breath and mother earth, 

Father sky, 

Will call on you tonight, 

Nature's wish is healing so, 

May God look after you wherever you go xxx

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The Secret - prose

I forgive myself and then I forgive you. 

Let this be the truth of whom I am, 

A teacher a friend, I need to see, you as, 

So say the laws of attraction and manifestation. 

But also see this my path is one of teacher too. 

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When was the last time anyone told you how important you are?  Maya Angelou 

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Angel 3

I love you more than words can say, 

My bloodline my pride and joy

You may not be my boy 

But I adore you all the same.... 

He tells me to forget him so, 

I wonder if I can do this though

Tired of playing games 

His Friendship worth more 

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