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Runing high.

There's a time,  

Between the night and the day 

When my heart pounds,  

I must try to take a step, 

For in seeing you 

I see myself, 

There are Rainbows ahead, 

Vultures circle, 

But your words give me strength 

To fight this fight, 

I am not alone, 

I have my soul family with me 

and my heritage is the reason, 

Their are words in me, 

Fellow poets and ar...

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Harold Pinter once said when someone asked him to explain his writing lady expain your letter to all my critics explain yourselves,  no on second thoughts don't!!!! Xxx

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For you

When you and I

Used to laugh, 

Remember with your, 

Blue eyes creased, 

In fits of giggles, 

Remember how I turned up 

At your hospital bed,  

To make you happy , 

And smile again, 

How close you had come to that door, 

Of darkness,  

But you escaped and for that, 

I am forever, 

Thankful.  Xxx 

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Let it be

When I find myself in times of trouble mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom xxxx

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For all that is

For you 

There is no in between

No maybes 

Direct to the core

Soft like the Sands. 

A survivor through the ages

and you continue to surprise me. 

Again and again

Like the falling of rain 

And her with her emerald eyes

Watching me

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Nobody owns the oceans 

Nobody owns the lands 

and only by the hands of the greedy does the earth require a fee. 

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Mr Green Eyes

Mr Green eyes is a sensitive soul

and jealousy rules for a while 

and anger rises easily 

But subsides all the while 

Misunderstood often 

and misunderstanding you too 

But will love you all the while 

and be knowing and kind 

and will help you all the while 

A generous mind, 

He's wise beyond his years 

and often hide his own tears

He doesn't say I love you 


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Mr blue eyes.

He's forever laying out the rose petals 

and the romance 

Mr I love you, 

Mr I am, 

trouble is he's said it a hundred times before,  

Forever and a day 

Believe what you will 

But the whisky makes it easier, 

makes things smoother, 

Lies more slippery, 

Truth harder to find 

I love you 

Only he's a mirror in his hand.  

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Lighthouse poems 3

And so the day came 

when it was time to soar 

and the moment had come 

to open her wings and fly 

and the desire to shine 

Outweighed the desire to hide

and so on that wintry day 

she set out along her path 

and the angels smiled 

for they had known all along 

and so it was to be.... 

And so it was 

and the heavens rejoiced 


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Baby come on home.....

It's dark

and cold outside, 

so baby come on home, 

The fires lit, 

the house is warm 

and you've been so 

far away from home, 

when you are weary, 

remember I am here, 

Let that thought 

guide you, 

Take away your tears, 

Candles are lit, 

The table is set, 

The bed is cosy 

and the door is open, 

No need to explain, 

so baby come on home. 


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Everything in this moment is clear now 

and I must begin to build my Palace in the sky 

to be a voice of truth 

to stand strong against fear of persecution 

The universe is with me 

and I wear a cloak of protection and love 

In order to heal

We must forgive

and see the light in all, 

and remember that love has no boundaries, 

In trusting my inner voice 

and finding...

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Magical Times

Those who do not believe in magic, 

Will never seek nor find it, 

Unicorns and angels, 

Rainbows and stardust, 

The tinkle of a fairies laughter, 

The watchful ways of a cat. 

and the white witches ways, 

Believe in these my friends 

and allow a little magic 

Into your life, 

Let it trickle through 

and enrich the soil you walk upon.... 

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🎆 fireworks

Old ghosts come to haunt you when you least expect them too, 

Time to put them to bed,  

and leave them behind. 

The point is you will never truly know 

and neither will they, 

They think they know you 

Yet it is clear with their actions and words 

They know nothing of you 

My love 

some people always choose safety, 

Always choose the easy Road, 

Let him lie in his...

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