This is starting to piss me off

This thing the universe is doing

Where you’re everywhere now

Walt Whitman wrote a beautiful and loving poem

About community, inclusion, equality, and love

I Sing The Body Electric in harmony with Whitman

My soul enraptured by his words of truth

For school I must write an analytical essay

And for the life of me

I have no argument to really make

No thesis

Yet if you were talking to me

If you hadn’t done this

I’d be able to discuss this poem with you

Find my thesis

And finish this essay

Blame? No, I do not blame you for my own inability to form ideas

But it is frustrating how

Even if only hindered and not stopped completely

You come into mind

You helped my life become easier in so many ways

I guess I took that for granted

As I sit here, lethargic, unmotivated

Reading this song

Wanting to feel again


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