Ir comes with no price tag and is freely given

Few are they who enter through this door

Acquaintances queue in their scores to seek entry

but many are flawed with deceit or other motives


Friends are bars of gold to be treasured

nothing will shock nor disappoint them

They listen attentively and advise wisely

what they say is for the benefit of the soul


They will walk the extra mile with you

give generously of all they have to keep you

Confidences are always highly regarded

secrets are kept firmly under lock and key


Abandonment or betrayal has no place in their vocabulary

Four square, shoulder to shoulder, your cross to bear

In a life time you many encounter only a few

when you do hold fast to them


They are a precious commodity of incomparable value

worth their weight in gold and more

For they will not like you but love you

they will cherish you and you will know it

◄ Out of Darkness into Enlightenment

There is no Shangri-la ►


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keith jeffries

Sun 31st Dec 2017 10:12

Jon, thank you for this. It is experience and the passage of time which brings this kind of knowledge. Keith

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Sat 30th Dec 2017 19:37

Hi Keith
Wise words, obviously honed from life's journey.
I agree with you though, there are certain times when you know who is and isn't a friend; the qualities listed throughout this poem bringing home how special those kind of people are.
Great work

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 30th Dec 2017 11:31

My conviction is: you can't receive what you don't offer, without ties of self-interest. That is actually really hard to do. I think friendship is basically reciprocal; like the notches, both needed and offered, fit well and lock.

A good stimulating work.

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keith jeffries

Sat 30th Dec 2017 09:52

Rich & Kevin, thank you for your kind comments. Keith

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Sat 30th Dec 2017 09:19

Well said, Keith - when I read this, I can really feel the importance of those few fellow souls I've been lucky enough to know as true friends.

I like this!

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kJ Walker

Fri 29th Dec 2017 23:30

Mates are ten a penny, drinking buddies more so. But if you have just one true friend in your life then you're a lucky man. I don't know about "excluding thumbs" i wouldn't have to take my mitten off .

Cheers Kevin

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keith jeffries

Fri 29th Dec 2017 21:10

Leon, I count my friends one one hand excluding the thumb. Thanks for your comment. Keith

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Fri 29th Dec 2017 20:50

and there are as you imply keith not many of these precious people to the pound.

A very rare and extremely important addition to one's life
-for sure!

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