Existence is Fatal

When the words that flow from brain to mouth seem to just fly away instead of being caught by ears

When my face portrays incorrect emotion

When the reactions to actions are denied wrongfully

As though my reality is delirium

When promised over and over in order to trust just to be broken by more lies

When my heart falls for it over and over simply because it knows no other way of existing

When my habits are altered for others comfort but none cater to my peeves

When conversations are kept to small talk for weeks on end

When good deeds are left ignored

When explaining my own feelings is warrant enough to leave

When wanting more is treated as an evil act

And worse yet, when they're too afraid to tell me no

And end up causing more pain

It's then I don't feel as though I exist

It's then I feel I am invisible to the world

I can not be real

How can I be?

I am but a doll to which others project upon, mold, pose, pretend

I am not real

I am not allowed to be.

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