December Collage Poem: Waves

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Swansea waves words at passing poets


The twenty-fifth day is long and in others souls,

A week later we enter the next chapter with

New raging goals.


Kissing capitalism's ass and not mine

Highway traffic moves in waves,

Or should that be it crawls like a crab


Marrying a woman from East Texas

She cooked Christmas pudding for dinner each night

In peanut and rum sauce


Pattern language, shackled light

Chegwin as Fleance weeps.

Christmas is a great time for contemplating death.

We knife our words, our children, and steal away saints.


The sea chants in its wake

In a drunken haze I walked

Through my pool of sick


A pumpkin orange sunset signals

Salvation, oblivion, eternal rest


Sod the pudding;

Pass the brandy!


If I say your name three times...

Will you think of me.


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Nigel Astell

Wed 13th Dec 2017 14:02

If I read this poem three times will I understand it better than just reading it once.

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