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M.C. Newberry on Cyber survival (Mon, 4 Dec 2017 04:35 pm)

David Taylor-Jones on Love losses (Fri, 24 Nov 2017 07:50 am)

Freedom and Fitness

I traded pints for press ups, 


Mad mess ups for sit ups,


Traded Cocaine and shame, for a better perspective of life’s game,


Drug running to running Miles,


Now running and lifting for no other reason than for this feeling of freedom,


Traded mistakes for nights in with protein shakes,


A hang over and hanging my head, for ownership of my own head space ...

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Bringing up Luke

My mother always said "confidence is key"

Dad said "don't grow up like me"

My grandfather maintained that  " the best things in life are free,

My grandmother would always incline to disagree.

So what advice will I give when it's needed,

will my views at that time seem somewhat concided, 

they wont see the struggle that Ive had, or the or the times I proceeded.

Now, would you b...

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The life and times of us.

We live in a world where anything is possible,

provided you can climb and overcome any obstacle,

a place where life and death is optional,

a place where you start you first day, on a spiritual plain as a sole trapped in a hospital,

a place where at times it feels like your achieving the impossible, it's quite plausible.

I find I belong, to the high achievers, the day and the night t...

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Your words

I am a hunter of words, stalking my prey requires patience and creativity.


Some days I starve, allusive words hide in the forest of my mind, I can only glimpse them, as they rush out of the bushes, blowing on my neck as they fly by.


So imagine my surprise, as a sizeable word lingers, watching me, almost testing me, the eyes say try.


I know now that my pray lives in others, ...

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Cyber survival

You've been looking more low

More so lately, 

Sick and tiered of the messages 

Of hatred,

Read them one at a time, 

Be strong in your mind, 

Even tho it hurts inside,

 regain your pride, 

Find the strength to survive 

And do it all again.


The bully, no ones friend, 

Not superior, nor super, 

Only big and strong, sat behind a computer,

Sticks and stones w...

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Love losses

Since that mans lady left him, he's not been living sober, he spends a lot of time talking to the inhabitants of his shoulders , one tells him to "give up son you know you life is over" the other says "stand strong mate you've always been a soldier"


What's done is done you've had your fun, now I'm afraid it's time to move on"


I watch him wondering around in time, pretending and tel...

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Our comfort

The fat beneath your chin is not a sin, the fact your not happy in your own skin is the perfect place to begin. 


Thin doesn't define you, yourself will never find you, all the while we hide from our true value.


Size is judged differently through different eyes, this should not come as a surprise, look inside to find your true beauty, look not at muscle size or "booty", speak truthf...

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A positive step

Time is never on your hands, it's always on your wrist 


Such a twist, a cruel twist of fate, always told to tolerate the facts that make you hate.


But wait, it's not to late, go forth and seek the thing that make, you think, of every mistake, every loved lost, every hart that brakes. It may seem as if it's more than you can take. 


So take a little more, shock everyone aroun...

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