'That' girl!

I was reading the horoscope of my birthday today and I found out that my spirit animal is a camelion,
I must say i was quite distressed at being compared to a lizard instead of an eagle or even a pigeon...
But then, i thought maybe it is true,
Maybe i really am programmed to run, instead of dealing with the burnt stew...
I have had my heart broken in so many pieces and now I have run out of glue,
My soul is shattered n i can't find the right thread for its sew!
I am the girl who has always heard 'bitch' against my back,
I am the girl who has always smiled when someone says I'm bad!
I am the girl who everybody referred to as the 'proud for no reason' gal,
I am the person who has convinced my soul that they can't handle the mystery of someone they don't know, so they put labels to satisfy their own minds!
I am the unsteady glass filled to its brink knowing that even the slightest jerk will cause my parts to fall down,
I am the girl who is still trying to convince her shaddow that i am someone worth sharing an umbrella with...!!
My mind is a paradox; it contradicts with everything anyone wants me to do,
And me, being the slave of my emotions, just do it, and end up being the bad one again,
I am the unfortunate combination of love and confusion, standing at the edge of insanity, i am convincing myself not to jump off the cliff of sensibility!
I am sure, that heaven is a library,
And God is the master auther of every book! 
My life is the bad written story in the bundle of best sellers!
I am sure that God reads me in His ibook,
It reminds Him, that there is still work to do!!!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 22nd Dec 2017 15:46

Very insightful and thoughtful. Also personally strong. The opening is original and interesting. The chameleon copes with danger and lives to tell the tale - not so bad, I'd say. Survival comes under many guises.

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