I casually looked up 
from flicking through some book
and saw the way you stood
hell, we'd better look alive
while we've got the time

You met me by The Globe
the whole world waiting with bated breath
"are you in?" you purred
o, I'm in...

For one night only, we blew along the Southbank
I kissed you by the wheel
kissed you deep within the shadows
a thousand lights tied in the trees

Your hand gripped in mine
as the tower struck out its chimes
and the moonlight on the Thames
never looked so fragile...

If there is any kind of magic
it is between two bodies
that understand and share
something elemental

The taxi driver asked if you were my wife
I turned
looked into your eyes
and lied

And that plane's leaving in the morning
its engines ticking in our bloodstream
for tonight; there's no tomorrow
let's just indulge this feeling

Our final kiss by the generator
all the energy arcing between us
and the moonlight on the Thames 
never felt so fragile...

In some other world 
it would be alright
in some other life 
this lasts a lifetime

A little kiss of magic
brightens the edges of our lives
it was a little kiss of magic
lighting the edges of our lives

But the moonlight on the Thames 
never felt so fragile...


(Sept, 2017)

Londonmoonlightone nightthamestransience

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 22nd Dec 2017 16:59

Charming - just plain charming, in all the sense of wizardry and wooing that exists in that fine old word.

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