Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #35 {I Will Not Live In Fear}

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{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #35} {I Will Not Live In Fear} 



Once upon a time

from my past I

once lived in fear

because of a situation

with an exrelationship

gone wrong because

this man became

insanely crazy over

me `n` he took it to

the point of calling

me day `n` night then

stalking me `n` showing

up in the dead of the

night trying to breaking

into my home `n` would 

even watch me get

dressed `n` underdressed

`n` I was feeling so 

violated `n` having

my personal life

slowly ripped away

at the hands of a

mad man `n` it had

my nerves on edge

daily because I didn't

have no idea what he

would do next so he

snuck up to my house

one morning at day

break then cutting my 

break lines on my car

because he knew I 

always went to town

to get thing's done but

he was caught in the

act of cutting my break

lines before me `n` my

kid's headed off to

town so as the police 

was on the way to pick 

him up to take him

to jail for stalking 

me `n` my family just

because he couldn't have or be with me he was crazy because he almost killed me `n` my children that day 




`N` he got jail time for his actions against me `n` he was slapped with a restraining order so he couldn't come around me or my children but he caused me to have trust issues that I still struggle with today because of his actions against me `n` that's once reason why I live a sheltered life not letting hardly no one into it 



But it took me time to push onwards `n` grow from his damage he caused me but it made me a better person today just more cautious of who I deal with or talk to but I will never live in fear because of a psycho person that is either out to get revenge or to destory me 


But usually you feel someone's vibes `n` be able to read them when you first meet them to see if they're a good person or not 


But I will not live in fear of nothing or no one no more because life is to short for that because if you live in fear that's not really living at all 




but I hope this story will help someone else that has been in this situation or going through it now `n` remember you are not alone






©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 12/14/2017 all rights reserved 

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