Wedding Night - what it will be for me

We Muslims have a ritual every year to acknowledge the needs of the poor, to be compassionate and to uphold our faith by announcing that nothing values more, than loyalty to God!

We buy healthy animals and sacrifice them for God,
Distributing the meat among those who can't afford
We spend the day reminding ourselves that God made man equal - no rich no poor
And it is our duty to help those in need, to be the voice for those who have forgotten how to roar!
Just before the ritual, the beautiful animal is gilded with henna and flower garlands
We put bells around their necks that chime melodies as they hang...
This is the closest analogy I can think of to relate with my wedding night,
I'll be gilded with jewelry and makeup, an eye candy for every sight!
They'll make me sit
On the bed he'll call his
Even though it was bought
By the money my father's got
My gown gracefully draped on the bed around me,
The smell of incense and a carpet of roses would surround me,
He'll enter the room and closing the door behind him,
He'll observe the decorated package sitting patiently, waiting for him
I'll feel his footsteps thumping violently on my heart
Bile rising in my throat, jaws and fists clenched, I'll try my best to play my part!
I don't know if he'll say anything but I know that he won't ask,
Because by signing those papers, I gave him the right to do as he wants!
I have no doubt in the choice of groom my parents had for me,
I'm sure they would've done all their research, muttered every prayer and ensured everything to be at its best!
I'm sure that when he greeted my family, that smile on his face was genuine
But things were to be different now that we were alone in the room of which he was the sole denizen.
I don't know if it'll be his first time too or not
Because no one ever dares to check a man's virginity against his word,
I don't know if he'll respect me enough to fulfill any of my needs
But I know I won't expect it because I was taught that men will be men and I can't shape their deeds!
I don't know if he'll see me, appreciate me or even wait,
Because what else would I be except a couple of orifices he can bury himself in!
He can rape me or use me or throw me away if that's something about which he is keen,
Because after that first time, I'll be his legal slut on leash while he goes on being the lothario he'd always been!! 

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