Slow Train to Freedom

Slow Train to Freedom

Have you ever had the feeling, late one night,

that you're pounding down an ever-narrowing path

without the strength to either flee or fight?


Your feet touch with fear this wanton, ferocious earth,

but the stars reflected in your teal-blue eyes

are the brazier-fires of a homeless hearth.


Then a slow train, velvet-clad under coated skies,

passes by, cool as winter, from the furnace fury;

so you run down the dawn, watch in awe, as your darkness flies.


You are a sceptic, you are an iconoclast, the jury

has returned its verdict, its eyes downcast.

Where to from here, heretic: your eyes a little bleary?


Are you one of those who will not see? A trumpet blast

might sieze you from your danse macabre;

but how to build from the past what you will not outlast?


Perhaps you seek a fast train to Paradise; want my imprimatur?

No deal: find your own salvation,

uncover your own blinded light, its behaviour less than proper ….


Listen. To be a free man is to live a lie (your reputation

precedes you). Tell me, pray, where this Freedom is to be found,

and I will show you a pliant sorcerer, frozen in procrastination.


When hunters gather to the killing tree, remember the ground

on which they stand: firm as the first of ten thousand steps,

shaky as the oldest confidence unwound.


Chris Hubbard

Perth, Australia





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Chris Hubbard

Fri 22nd Dec 2017 18:39

Thank you Cynthia.
Yes, the sumptuous yellows of the Oz "Christmas Tree", the world's largest mistletoe, the impossibly purple Jacarandas, now fading;the ridiculously riotous Bougainvilleas.

Season's Greetings from our hot and colourful city. Only ever been to Bermuda in early Spring, but I can imagine Hamilton in full bloom.
Best wishes for 2018!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 22nd Dec 2017 15:30

Lots of thought in this piece, and challenging the reader to follow your 'train' of ideas. A neat bit of rhyming/near rhyming.

Merry Christmas to you in Perth, where, I presume, you are surrounded by Christmas flowers in full bloom. The Bermuda landscape was/is magnificent in December.

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