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Diseased Brain

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{Diseased Brain}


Some day's I wish my brain worked like other's brain's did of being normal but since I was born this way I can't help it when my thinking or writing gets messed up with backwards word's or being out of place but I do fix them if I catch them 



But if I could help it I would but sometimes I have no control over that and it's like chiari takes over my train of thinking or thought



But when you have a ? skull that is deformed by being to small and chiari malformation is a condition that causes the brain tissue to settle into the spinal canal and it develops where your ? skull and neck (cervical spine) comes together when part of the ? skull is either too small or misshapen and part of the brain can settle into the foramen magnum


And it causes a person living with chiari to think differently than a person who doesn't have the rare brain disease inside of their heads 


And believe me I have been suffering with this my whole life now as it got bad when I hit my teen year's then now it's a daily struggle to find the courage and strength to push onwards to what that day holds for me and I never really expected this in my life but see God made me a extra special gift to bless everyone with my presence and knowledge 


And if me writing and sharing my experiences what chiari can save and help save someone else life I will do that 


Because a life with chiari isn't a ? cake~walk that's for sure because it's time consuming and it's life draining to live this way with so much constant pain and sickness within one's body 


Because I was told in 2009 no more could be done for my chiari as I was basically delivered a death sentence that morning early but I have not stopped trying to find a neurosurgeon a neurologist that can possibly help me by doing surgery to help correct some of the pain and sickness that lives inside of me because even surgery is not a cure it just helps with the pain of chiari for all chiarians like myself included and even though I was told this I wasn't willing to lay down and die I am trying to cure and conquer this disease before it conquers me 


And yes you can refer to me as a {big brainer} because in society that's what they refer to chiarian is big brainers and also we are warriors we're fighting our continuously battle so we earned to wear our warriors badge proudly and we have so many trials and tribulations that we have to overcome in our life well trying to defeat the demon and monster that is living inside of us that we was born with 


And if we make any mistakes we will correct them and we apologize for them but we have a messed up and infected diseased brain that makes mistakes sometimes






©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover 11/30/2017 all rights reserved

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