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"You're so lucky" they say!

"You're so lucky," she said, "you don't have to TRY to fall asleep. You can sleep so easily."
And I smiled shrugged and said, "yeah! This is the thing I never even considered to be thankful for,"
But then when I gave it a thought, I felt so perplexed,
Because to call myself 'lucky' just because I slept 'easily' never seemed like a check point on my to do list next!
So I looked in the thesaurus...

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Am I the worst one You have yet made?!

Late at night lying on the white sheets of my bed,
My eyes started to ache and i felt a palpable break in my heart...
My eyes were dry for there were no tears left to shed
No walks of pride left to tread
No smiles left to embrace
For i was shattering inside, shred by shred..
I felt the shutter behind my eyes, making a loud noise,
The ink in my veins was rushing wildly, making my existence w...

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Dear God!

Dear God!
I know we have had issues with each other lately,
I have been too away because, you too were distant seemingly,
But i was thinking, we should resolve it now,
Because more than ever, I need you by my side somehow!
I have been feeling shitty about myself now more than ever,
But i was hurt to see that you didn't come here to tell me to be clever,
I cursed every moment that I called o...

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Burn the Fairytale Books!

Ever since i was little,
I was told fairy tales,
Real or fake, i don't know,
But they had me biting my nails...
I was told that love is real,
There wasn't a matter of 'if' 
Because i knew i would find it there!
I was made to believe in miracles,
Magic carpets and castles with great specticals,
Fairy god mothers waving their wands,
To save the day, fulfilling all my wants!
I grew up, hop...

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The Subjects Don't Change, The Effects Do!

I have so many people to tell me to appreciate what i have,
And it is a privelige to have people who notice you enough to tell you that you are wrong...
I write poetry because I was told that words have the power mold themselves in whatever shape the writer's emotions are,
The subjects don't change,
The effects do!
I have seen that when you hear something frequently, a bit too often, it loses...

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I am not whole

I was very little when my grandmother died,
So other than the thought that I love her and always will, I have nothing that I remember about me and her...
But that doesn't mean that I haven't seen death!
I have been standing witness to every little peace of me that dies with each of my breath!
Yesterday, I saw a woman who had to give up her child and tell everyone that he was dead!
Not because...

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From myself to Jane Austen

Dear Ms. Austen!
Tell me where in the world did you get a mind so beautiful as to portray a character and make it immortal?!
So amazing, that I am spell bound by their fear, relief, anger and chortle!
Was it the luxuriantly flourished poising greenery of the land you walked on?
Or was it the sound of water gushing in streams, or the kiss of the sun to the clouds at dawn?
From Mr. Darcy's cl...

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We are All Actors

Shakespear said that "we are all actors and life is just a play,
We are living our lives according the set points of the writer, everyday!"
I haven't yet figured out the genre of my life,
I don't know if it will be comic or tragic or artful or satiric!
Act 82: She is 70 years old, nose still too big and ears still too small for her face,
Her mind still works the same way, her purse still has ...

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Questions Questions

So I was walking down with my eleven year old cousin the other day, 
His hand resting restlessly in mine, fingers entangled together in the hot month of May... 
He asks a million questions in a matter of seconds, 
Anna api, How do cars go? 
Anna api, Why can't dogs fly? 
Anna api, What do propellers do? 
Anna api, Why is there no brown in the sky? 
He asks, Anna api, Anna api, Anna api... H...

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My Anxiety

The anxiety u see is nothing compared to what i feel
What u see is a cover carefully designed by my eyes to decieve!
Im not saying im always sad
Trying to drive everyone else mad
I am happy yes im well
But when the pretend fails im in a hell!
The leg, when starts shaking, is very hard to ignore,
And it makes me want to shut all the doors!
Sitting in a party full of people
I suddenly start...

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Poor Little Rich Girl

'That little poor girl'
Its a phrase full of pity,
For a girl living away from the city
In the slums of a darkened village
She is like a silver in water-rusting more with age!
Her clumsy walk talks more of her ettiquets
Her torn up clothes shout of her budgets
The lack of shoes in her feet
Describe the way that she is completely beat!
But the smile on her face
That is shining like a lace

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