Cyber survival

You've been looking more low

More so lately, 

Sick and tiered of the messages 

Of hatred,

Read them one at a time, 

Be strong in your mind, 

Even tho it hurts inside,

 regain your pride, 

Find the strength to survive 

And do it all again.


The bully, no ones friend, 

Not superior, nor super, 

Only big and strong, sat behind a computer,

Sticks and stones will brake my bones,your words will never harm me, 

Positive mind set, 

Good words ,

And action, 

As my army.

I thank you for your negativity 

It only makes me stronger 

Every attempt to brake me, makes

Me, much taller. 


As tall as a tree, slightly polluted like the air that I breath.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 4th Dec 2017 16:35

This is certainly topical - with an appropriate "pay off".
Much seems to be made of so-called cyber-bullying and
harassment...perhaps due to the abundance of modern
obsessions with "keeping in touch" and giving views and
opinions to strangers on just about anything. What
used to be a carefully considered (and as a result seldom used) method of giving an opinion: a letter to an editor
of a journal, is now swamped by stuff on Twitter (apt name!) and Facebook. I've had a job where assaults -
physical and verbal - were part of the scenery and they
were "water off a duck's back". Why are people online so
sensitive to abuse or insult from the unseen and unknown? Beats me!

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