transcendence (12/30/2017)

fold-away miseries, but not spring loaded


goosebumps live where loves encoded 


liquid reins steering certainty 


doom and bedspread eulogies


succumbing to the warmer breeze: 


You were there but a moment ago

and I just let you out of my sight

just barely living around the peripheral planes 

a dream chasing a dream tasting 

a victory built higher than these walls 

raised (razed) brazen bulls set to broil

down to the circle salts 

futile against your haunt 

the cool touch of dialectic paddles

as I, untimely ript from the underworld 

still only found you in the interstitial spaces 

visible between breaths and dives and 

before crossing over, when you'd tap my arm, choked to orgasm 

on a Thursday night, 

where we laid

cooling and complete

a brief eternity 

living lessons in disassembly

as the smoke rises, and we sink

cigarettes sex love is a drug

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sweetheart in b flat (12/30/2017) ►


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