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a whisper in red

The whisper in red


I had been watching TV

And as often happen when I watch

A minute sleep only

A wisp of a young woman in a red ballerina dress.

Sat on the floor leaning her head at my leg.

When seeing I was awake, she got up

And disappeared silently as a falling leaf.

Later that evening I watch a French art program

And the lady in red was painted 120 years ago.


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Also by jan oskar hansen:

hot water crises | the old soviet union | from Russia with love | dark mood | the choice |

Lyra, I Barely Know Ye

They are not here just
as we are aliens on this
distant hostile world

i had been praying to energies for years
before unquestionable yet personal proof
crashed like a craft into my Hermetical dune

and once you see the levers, the lit nodes,
the stains on the curtain behind which your world
had existed as a basic formation melts vitrified

but to release the igneous rocks they tried s...

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Also by Kealan Coady:

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To dive into the depths or be in the shallows of relationships..
To dwell in the past or to enjoy future's courtships..
To shine,dazzling in the limelight or be comforted in the lingering shadows..
To give in to the battle of egos or be steadfast as the pride billows..
To live in the lies of self hood or be in sync with one's true reflection..
To hold fast to the patterns before or be abandon...

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Also by mona s:

Ebbs and flows | Charades - A Haiku | Nostalgia | Enigma |

Rollercoaster OK. Just a Bit Smoke-Soiled. No Worries. LMS Update 19/2/20

entry picture

Rollercoaster OK. Just a Bit Smoke-Soiled. No Worries. LMS Update 19/2/20


The Like-Minders Society (LMS) is a group of WOL poets who think alike and communicate via PM.

It explores the fantasy, imagination, humour, madcap and offbeat poetry.

A lot of people were worried about our Rollercoaster in the recent bushfires. Not to worry. I did a 24/7 watch. Gave up sleep and everything. It...

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Also by Don Matthews:

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Some Thing To Do

Every one needs something to do . If it's only tying a shoe lace or putting on a shoe . Exercise keeps you going . Keeps you healthy . Keeps you sane . Your brain needs stimulation . So you don't just go insane . Think of things to do . Write things down and forever have your say . Fresh Air will keep you healthy . Just a few minutes of the day . Sit at the side of an open Window . To feel the Fre...

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Also by Wendy Anne Higson:

Watch Your Step | BELIEVE |

...I Will Go Anyways...

Stay away from the light that is lime in gesture shining rays down.

Something told me that somewhere my soul is locked between word and issue; spirit and one noun.

I must say the thought lay tattered in sentences unraveling my evening into a dress torn...


But I will go anyways.

Who gives a shit.


I will go where tonight’s curtain of red will draw the stake from my throat, a...

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I give up!!

Going back to from where I came

My return to the golden cage

A destiny I cannot ever run away

Tried my best to break the ugly chains

Although rusted and old but they have wicked reign

Broken dreams, frozen desires, made a fool of myself

Nowhere to go, no one to hold on

My soul is dying breathing it's last few breaths

Knight in shining armour has put down the shield


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Also by Do.RoThy:

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At my door arrived someone broken inside. 

I could see in your eyes you felt scared and alone. 

I held you in my arms and asked what was wrong. I listened without judgement and told you it was okay. 

I told you I would help you without any expectation that I would be re-paid.

I offered without pause cause, I told you the last time we spoke I loved you then as I do now.
As time passed ...

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Also by Michael Rios:

Broken bonds |


My road was long, harsh and spiked,

the nights were cold, your heart frozen in time.

Will you hold my hand and walk this earth as we discover all the nastiness that lurks?

The throat is a good spot,

Gripping you could say.

The sun sets before your eyes as your soul escapes,

Crushing all hope around you, contained in your place.

At the feet of those who wish only to strike you ...

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Little Miss Purity

Little Miss Purity

Little Miss purity a lady who wanted a man 

Decided to get one anyway that she can 

She prayed to the heavens and planets beyond 

For a dark-haired blue-eyed man, not ginger or blond 

The planets delivered a man who was dapper and flash

She took him down and spent all his cash 

Before long he was broke and under her thumb

Miss purity called him a fat lazy...

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Also by The_Northern_Lass:

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Miss Purity

Mooving Experience

entry picture

Mooving Experience 

I'm born to be bred and I'll be dead
Before I'm ready to go,
But you love me so I need to be
On the side of your plate I know.

No point pretending I know my ending
Whatever rocks your boat,
Electric shock or shot to the head
Then they will slit my throat.

I'm not over yet I hope this you get
I'll feel the pain from the knife,
Unlike you I can only say moo
So t...

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Also by WildBillEntertainer:

Invisible Illnessess | Valentine's Day |


Sweet Pleasantries

A honk and a wave,

a smile greets you

not able to place the face

but you comply

exchange greetings

then she questions your well-being


Scrolling through the latest developments 

you pick an appropriate response,

‘I’m hanging in there. Happy Thanksgiving.’

She returns with the same, 

then disappears into the sea of lights


She is too kind

this is not the ...

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Also by Mika:

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Fog at sea

A freezing mist in the air, a winter sway,
Celtic, crossed and re-crossed, we're on our way.
A watery Calvary stares into our blemished air
Today we dead coagulate - or are not where you think we are at all - 
We thicken into consciousness.  Our dying words still taken at the fall
Rampant they are on our cracked lips.
Is it not this?
Our vanishing life, unfixed, unbridgeable:
Ebb, flow, ne...

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Also by John E Marks:

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7 Years

7 years without you, 7 years crying.
I've tried to move on, 7 years trying.
7 years of regret, full of self blame.
7 years of loneliness and all its pain.

7 years of pretence, of self doubt.
Into hiding I've been if love was about.
7 years on, where do I go from here?
7 more years of the same is my fear.

7 years of dreams of how things were.
Why didn't I show you love and care?
7 years o...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

The Void | For Rachel | Whatever Happened To Me And You? |

Being Human

Rubber scrapes the soil

orchestrating a path

with feet.

Watching tread copyright nature

with a flawed melody,

a percussion of leaves crunches beneath,

touching gales with a verse of words-

before the chorus fades.

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Also by Hannnah:

The Thought | Fixation |

human naturelife

Mirrors are lying,

be aware !

You are hiding ,

You are avoiding,

You are befooling yourself.

There are mirrors called love,care and empathy.

Look through them.

You can not escape from you.


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Formula |


Shining ever so bright
a beacon of hope, like a chinese lantern
photosynthesis get' me through the night
beauty so divine, i wonder if i could map her
would the geometry show me the light?
because she must be god's best work

my third eye look through the peephole
how can she not have walls up when she deals with these people
guide me, be my mentor
would you take my hand, and put this flow...

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Also by Shawn Garcia:

Personal | War-paint | Matriarch | Chalk Initials |

lovelove poemlove poemsmetaphysicalmetaphysicsOasispoemspiritualitywater

Oh Thoreau


The world is filling up

cities run together

farms disappear

cars run bumper to bumper on the interstate

8 lanes across and still crowded

try to get away

ride out in the country

but the country is all built-up

all is pavement

trees get cut down

more roads and more congestion

subdivisions pop up like mushrooms

there used to be a thing called distance


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Also by d.knape:

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lunchtime Oxford-logic

in a Covered Market sushi bar

I sat next to a guy

who, sipping green tea,

said he was a blogger.


‘hmm interesting. money good?’

‘pays the mortgage.’

‘what do you write about?’

‘the kindness of strangers.’

‘thin on the ground that, these days.’

‘who cares? I make it all up anyway.’

‘conning people okay by you?’


he stroked his donnish beard,



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Also by Rick:

Oxford snapshots | in a Leamington Spa pub | happy-hour confab | last sitting |

Words that get abused by Ignorance

When we put our vulnerability in the hands of another it is misunderstood and spoiled by that misunderstanding.


Words words words just soil filling a grave.





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Also by Daniel Reuben King:

Tired and Weary I Exist like A Journey Without End | The Serenity Of A Peaceful Sadness | Statue Sits Longing For Original Love | The Fruition Of Knowledge Fermented and Drunk. |


Reason to Stay

When sun comes against all odds

And the colours of life just pop

Or when the rain falls

It falls and falls

And you wet your lips

With piping hot tea

With warm biscuit

Savour the crumbs

Cosy and safe

In the arms of a jumper

The padding of the sofa,

Like a huge hug

Or when your face aches,

Your stomach vibrates

Because you are fighting to breathe

Through ...

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Also by Alexandra Parapadakis:

Anticlimactic |

appreciatebeautychangedepressionhidden beautylifememoriesmental healthmomentsnostalgiapositivepreventionsuicidetomorrow


You  make me cry like i can feel something other than pain, confusing me, you keep speaking my worlds
Are you true
How can you not see your value, why do you hide in crowds
I want you to feel what you make me feel
​​​​​Want you to believe it
To swallow your pain, too late for me
Be you x

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Also by Elizabeth Savage:

WIP | Embracing Oddity | Phoenix | To the Desperate Disparate | Semper Eadem |

Valentine who?

If one were to live in the Sahara desert
Surrounded by skylines and dunes
Blessed with sand in abundance
What Idiot will celebrate Sand day once a year?

If one were to sail the oceans
Surrounded by water and waves Blessed with fish and seagulls every day What idiot will celebrate Ocean day once a year?

If one were to travel the galaxies
Surrounded by Blackholes and Planets blessed with the ...

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Also by Dewald:

Valentine who? |


entry picture

In bare feet and blue jeans 

Against the chipped paint I lean

I gaze at the field from my porch 

After all this time I still carry a torch


Oh, sunset fill my glass let me drink you in

It seems I’ve got it bad again 

I sink into a lovesick sigh 

These overdue feelings just won’t die 


There’s more history between us than rows of corn

Too much  overthinking now my...

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Also by Itsjustmedownhere:

Work of Art | Growing Pains. |


The Keeper

entry picture

The Keeper


Unlike many in his position

He was never the last to be picked

Because he was one of the best

Not for him the fast quick feet

Or the well timed volley

Or the crunching tackle


Safe hands

That night

In the cold

With his team mates

Where bravery

was an afterthought


It was his greatest save

Not a shot from the edge of the area

Not ...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

Flame | Bedlam | Dead Leaves | Withdrawal Method (When Being Fucked) |

deathgoalkeeperharry greegheroman utdmunich air disasternorthern ireland


Wait,don’t give up

Wait, everything will be fine,

“Wait,be patient,” God tells you.

Your heart pounding hard

Your head spinning with thoughts 

“God,” you yell waiting is so hard

God says louder, “ wait and your promises will come true”

So you sit and listen 

You sit and wait 

Hoping, dreaming that his promises will come true soon


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Also by Jacqueline L Elias:

Hard | Smile | What is next? | Numb | Dark Cloud |


A tribute to Caroline Flack

On Strictly Come Dancing Caroline found fame,

The best Strictly performance ever,she did claim.

"Angels" an eternal monument she did shed,

"When I come to call ,I'm loving angels instead."


Many hearts will be broken,Caroline was ace,

Put under pressure due to an on going case.

Her final instagram post showed her giving her dog a kiss,

Talented ,smart and likeable,Caroline...

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Also by hugh:

Harm on the farm. | Indicator fault? |

In Childhood

Don’t step upon the cracks.

For that is where the fingers

lurk that will pull at your lace,


loosen your shoe and force 

you to flail face down onto 

the cut glass path.


It’s here where they will twist

your ankle, snap it to the moon. 

Let the rats gnaw at its bone. 


Clicking, they will unscrew your

tin leg, leave the day to the wind.

Blackened, blood...

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A Load of Luggage

A Load of Luggage


Railways and their stations full of steam and soot

Deafening the noise as porters shouted and whistles blew

We heaved and pushed to climb aboard the express

Wearing our uniforms with cases and kitbags encumbered

Destined for camps, ports and airfields in remote places

Never sufficient seating we sat in narrow corridors

Beneath dimmed lights as others str...

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Also by keith jeffries:

The Voice of Integrity | An Afternoon Storm | The inner Sanctum | We cease to be | The Sounds of Night | Shifting Contrasts | Satie | Time Heals | Cut Adrift |

A Goole Thing

entry picture

Hello Humber Gateway,

you old dock drab,

winking at passing commerce

with your ample warehouse acreage,

welcoming skirts hitched

up the legs of the Ouse and Trent.

Under stretched skies,

I am a salmon swimming the sixty-two,

past rotting coal fired corpses,

where orderly pylons queue the lanes,

sturdy girls whispering old secrets;

gossip from a shabby adolescence.


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Her Spot(s)

Hitting your Spot 
I know the spot 

That makes you hot 

I'll push those buttons 
Until all of a sudden 

Your skin will blush
Your pussy will gush

In you with every hump
Your flesh riddled with goosebumps

Eyes rolling back and toes curl
Thats right I take care of my girl

You explode with pleasure 
that cannot be measured 

That's it Baby 
let me drive you crazy 

Give you what you ne...

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Also by AstronomicalLove:

Missing You | 2 Year Anniversary Around The Corner |

Erroneousgirlfriendlove and sexsensualsexual awakeningsexytouch

How to learn to write poetry?

entry picture

The soul does not give rest! Feelings demand an exit! For creative people, these are happy moments. These poets to express their inner state easily select the right words and rhymes. Lines flow on paper. For people who are not sophisticated in versification, this is more difficult. Wrong words come to mind, feelings are soon lost, and the result of labor sometimes seems ridiculous.

The magic fo...

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let me

Sowing seeds of love, betrayal we get

tell me oh God! whats wrong with this world 

sorrow here and there, and misery everywhere

let me leave this world  cause i can see no more

my eyes are hurting,  my vision is blurred

 with tears of pain,

afraid to fall i stand still here 

wishing for the guiding hand that will make it clear

but the hand that come were short

and i have...

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Taking Stock

I stood in a place so silent that the wind spoke to me,
It told me that it would stir the meadow grasses whether I listened or not,
That it would whisper in the branches of the trees endlessly,
That it would continue to move across the world long after I had been forgot,
I stood in a place so silent that the birds sang to me,
They told me that I would outlast their brief existence, but not th...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

Echoing Stars | Memento Mori |


Liar Liar,

Soul on fire

Burn thy little heart.


From your lies

the truth must rise

or you'll feel it rip apart.

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Also by Minnie Cub:

Remember Me | You |


A Break In The Wall

entry picture

A Break in the Wall

A busker plays piano accordion at the cross

Incongruous or perhaps that’s me?

Here to retrace the steps

Of my ancestors?

Well…no not really

Unless they were Roman?


Where was I?

Retracing steps…yes

I have been here before

Oh years before

Resided a stones throw away

Walking the wall


There are ghosts along this wall

Of my own mak...

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Also by Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet:

Kiss Me Quick - Tangerine Dream | Asking Questions | Boots 3 | What? | SO MANY WORDS |

#poetry #memories #Cheshire

This Isn't]That Kind of Poem[

I wish I wasn't
The question still remains
Dose he fall back 
Dose he let her in 
He wasn't always like this 
This isn't that kind of poem

He hated the skin he was in
But life was okay 
Mother would kick him because
No no no this isn't that kind of poem 
This isn't a poem at all 
More like rehab for the mind

Here's some quick reality
You can't have funeral without the word fun

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Also by Damon Blackery:

What is Humour? | Melancholy Death | Words of The Waiting Man 33 | End It All |


Was there ever that moment

Where you decided 

Though nothing has changed

That you feel better? 

I still can't write about

My Grandfather without crying 

But maybe that's okay

Because the things he said

Are still bright words in my head

And I never want to lose that love

To time

See you later, Alligator 

Afterwhile,  Crocodile 



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Also by Collin Pulmano:

(untitled) | Saga of April Dark: Song Four | (untitled) | The Gypsy's Curse Never Ends | Potholes | Saga of April Dark: Song Three | Orion | February is my New Year | The Saga of April Dark: Song Two | The Saga of April Dark: Song One | (untitled) |



went on
a quest
for a 
treasure chest
knew there
had to be
one out there
for me
wished for
all would know
my name
from a 
i would sip
and be
diamond dripped
ride in
a limousine
i would be
the scene
as queen
crazy myself
i almost drove
searching for
a jewel filled trove
imagine my surprise
when i found the key

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS by cindy lee loucks

Letter to sender

Little more than to be against the wall,
And senders mail you a letter,
In break of day.

Nuisances sever ties with the belongings,
Volition and freedom,
A mound to stand upon.

Did the feather fall silently,
When it came to the end of morning?
That's the afternoon

Flock in and out,
Trepedatious and holy,
Sending my thanks to the magnificience of the magistrate.

Little lady,
Babies in c...

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Also by Alita Moore:

There's nothing more to be said | | Life |


It’s strange what we think of

as life rolls by – for me as a kid

it was the river Alt, which cut

through the fields of a farmer’s

land where the nifty nymphs

danced with damsel flies, and

newts and the frogs had a

merry old time, ducking from

sight when we all climbed down

viewing activity nature displayed

in a random way or so it seemed

in the aftermath of the sec...

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Also by Philipos:



By all means...

Let's keep our plastic out of the oceans

And our carbon out of the sky;

But there's never a mention

Of what's going on with the sun,

And I admit to wondering why.



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Also by M.C. Newberry:



They sit like beleaguered gods and stare,


thoughts lost amongst the minutiae




unable to plot a path home,


considering aspects, eclipses, tides, gravity


distances, light, time, matter,


beards are stroked knowingly


lips purse, heads nod


a trillion calculations, assumptions


each passively recorded


on this, their ...

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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Rainbow |


Sunday of half term.

No need to set an alarm.

Read, draw, write in bed.

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Also by Elle:

Breathing. | Time. | Mindfulness or Mindlessness? |

haikuhalf termJapaneseteacherweek off

Things Seen Less Clearly

I'm not sure that Michael Portillo and Griff Rhys Jones would agree with these sentiments.


Things Seen Less Clearly


In this world, at this time,

Young ambitious neophytes

Are condemned as

Mere passengers, trapped

On white-pointed trains

That do not stop.

Carried to oblivion

Without their permission

They study their own

Shadowed, flickering faces


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Recognise me

Perception now distorted.

Tie-dye sky.

A deep darkness recognized.

Spent. She’s got you on your knees.


Cry for help.

Because she’s got you.


Say’s she.


Fall; say’s she.

Wait; I know me.


I’ve got your soul boy.

Don’t speak your mind, boy.

Fall to your knees, boy.


Bowed, beneath swung teet.

Spine liquified.

Manhood now sof...

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Musings of a Natural Orchestra

I climb the backs of all the heaped up waves,

the sounds coming off entice me beyond any instant comprehension - -like gusts of wind frolicking among the trees which have conglomerated in a long valley that stretches among the backbones of ancient mountains- -

I sense whispers dripping off the vibrating air, an orchestra of wind and tree limbs if you will, not so much a language as a feeling...

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Also by Chaz Schoolmaster:

Bicycling Through the Moonlight | Sedatively Meditative |

New Shoes

I went on my first valentine date

and it went okay. 

For some reason, I had imagined

if I tried to do anything without you

I would hurt all over. I mean I think I did hurt a little tiny bit.


like an untied shoelace.

Sometimes I fall over. Sometimes I don't. 

Today I didn't.


There's a saying my mom used to tell me,

If you give someone new shoes


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Also by Alex J.J:

Orange is a Tough Color |

Bad Chat Up Rhymes

Hello Mary,

I've brought you this dead canary.


So Cilla,

Who's your favourite serial killer?


Look Devine,

I'm wearing the knickers I stole off your washing line.


Hey Jude,

Guess where I've had your name tattooed.

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loving a woman (from love sonnets)

entry picture

loving a woman is to love indeed the wind 
The wind that dances on her own crystalline chord
The wind that takes your hand, that swiftly leaves a kiss
& with a killer scent repeats, “good-bye” “so long”

loving a woman is worshipping flame or fire
a flame that with her body cooks sweetly a bread of sadness
A merciless, deep light that burning you inspires
that touches your skin with poison...

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lovelove poemslove poetrylove sonnetloverswomanhood


entry picture

Poem 189 of 230: TO SEE AN UNCLE, AGAIN - WINTER 2001/2

Leaving the broad scenes of England’s North East,
From corner to corner, by bus journeys,
For the beautiful tight-hedge boundaries,
And mazy lanes, that herald the South West.

(C) David Franks 2003 - 

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ashigaru I (02/14/2020)

preface this
in a wake of what roves
what undulates beneath the wreaths of painted doors
in front of what should be a door step
a stoop
instead lays the view
from half way down
approaching the abyssal zone

and here we float
an echo in the deep
amongst echoes in the deep

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

Athings I see when I close my eyes 2 |

ashigarucrowbars and where to find themmiss you tomsorry im like this

My Jesus

entry picture

Jesus is My Lord

He will protect me with His sord

I keep his bible on my side

His truth is his word

If nobody wants you in this world

You will always have him

And that you can take as a win

Living for Jesus will never be easy

The devil will always be in your ear teasing

Telling you

Your not worth it

Trying to pull you down to the pit

But the Lord always wins


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Also by yaminah zurita:

Chasing Love | Suicide Trapped | Through The Eyes of The Bullied | Higher Power | Soulmate In The Air | Dear Younger Me |



entry picture

I stumbled across his funeral today.  I didn’t even know he’d died.

I was making my way into the Abbey for a tinkle and saw a couple of hearses outside.  I thought I could discreetly sidle down the North Aisle to the toilet when I bumped into the Verger just inside the door.

“Did you know him?” he asked.  I reached for his service sheet to see that it was a former colleague whom I knew from ...

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Also by John Coopey:


Lock and Key

Alone at the door 

you may find me

Trying to decide whether to leave it unlocked 

or wide open

or slip the lock and the latch and all that makes me safe


You see 

If I leave the door open 

Then I get to see the sun pass softly all day long 

But with it carries an awful draught 

It is chilling 

It is freezing each cell of this small body 

But it is open in the h...

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Also by Cait Abbott:

Outside of my Window | Surrender | In Dreams | Recipe for Recovery | Work in Progress |


We all maze runners
keep following
 the unchosen paths,
chasing the unrealistic desires
We keep on sprinting
fate follows us closely,
No time to look behind
No chance to stop and wonder
No sign to follow our destination.
Turning into an alley each time
we are caught by the unawares
"Is that my Cheese?": Fascination
"Ah! these thorns in my feet!": Gehenna
"Those never-ending alleys!"...

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Also by Binte Afroz:

An Unsung Tale |

Rooms of the Mind

Our states of mind are like different rooms.
Some of wonder. Some of gloom.
We go out of one and in another.
Each one is different to the other.

We know not what we'll find inside.
And we might wish to try and hide.
Some rooms be dark. Some rooms be light.
Some be with joy and some with fright.

Each one may contain certain rules.
With different objects and different tools.
With chall...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

Controlling Our Lives? | Mornings | Underdogs |

FeelingsStuart VannerThe MindThoughts

Paper Hearts

entry picture

Paper hearts don't beat

They tear

Of Valentine's?

He was not aware

All she wanted

Was a rose of red

But spending money

Brought him dread

She rolls her eyes

And looks above

As he tells of how

She has his love

These words sound


Said without cost

That was the day

Her love

He lost

Then came the 14th day

Of Feb

A new lover she found


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Valentine's Day

For those of us unrequited this day

single day awareness now does loom
not married or taken? apparently it spells doom
but if i can't have you tomorrow
my thoughts surely can
i'll send some admiration 
best believe it man
type a message, or say something nice
"Sealed with a loving kiss" as the olde romantics say
not thinking twice

because if there's a next time around
I want a lover, not a taker
and sing so sweet to her...

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Also by Keiron Higgins:

Calder Valley will rise again (a poem in solidarity) | Equality. |

lovepoetryunrequited lovevalentines

Dear death

Just gone. They say you are no more, 
I can't describe it, dear death do you have any feelings? 
I don't know or even understand 
Does it follow the laws of physics? 
What do they mean "fare thee well?"
where did you go? What's the journey about? 
Did you get sucked into a black hole? They say time stops when you enter the event horizon. Is it why they say "rest in peace? "
Nothing escapes ...

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Also by mathenge mengo:

A storm of my own creation |


They make all kinds of days out there

Some days my ideas are better than sliced bread

But those days are considerably overshadowed 

By the days when even forward, is to far ahead

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Also by Joe Marcello:



entry picture


Harry Tuttle is up to his old tricks

operating without Form 27B/6.

If he can't get the part he'll do a temporary fix.

No longer with Central Services

he mends air con systems just for kicks.

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Also by Brian Maryon:

VIRUS : 2158 AD | Phillip Schofield | Council Flat in Haringey | When Your Knees Go |



Mama I'm sorry, please, can I just come back home?

I'm only 12 years old in these Harlem streets all alone

I don't know how to feed myself 

Mama I need your help

It's so cold out here, I don't even have a coat

Mama why haven't you responded? On your door steps I've left several notes

Mama why don't you want me around?

My feet hurt so bad from walking the pave...

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Desert Rain

entry picture


grey joggers and a shabby top.

Pale faced with hair the colour of

caramel. What pose was this body

before being suddenly woken?

His thin frame is still pushing through.

Shivering; the hairs on his arms 

anticipating the alarm of what is to come.


‘Sit down’, I said,

solemnly pointing with my head.

‘Your Mum needs to tell you something.

Best prepare you...

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Who Would I Be?

Who would I be, were it not for my name,
But a wave upon life's endless shore,
Just a soul passing by for one round of the game,
A fool could not ask for much more

A moment in time is all we may see
In the bodies with which we unite,
So while you are here, be happy, be free,
And know that it will be alright

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Also by Eric Berard:

Battles |

In his image.

In his image.


Stumbling through the chaotic selfish masses,

whose passing kicks and punches at honesty

destroy the desultory syntax that paranoia inflicted.

Curling the lips of the long kindred spirits.

Lips curling with semi happiness of nervous distrust

Lips curling with the comfort blanket of disbelief.

Brown kids looking at white kids thinking your a liar

White kid...

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Also by Phil Kay:

In his image. |


You know, yes you do know,
I want to speak to you;
Instead I hold my tongue
Between my teeth.
I want to run to you,
Push your shoulders
Back against the wall,
Nose to nose,
Get in your face.
I want to scream at you,
Yell at you, what the hell
Do you think you are doing,
Where do you think you are going,
Who do you think that you are
Leaving me silent like this,
I want to kis...

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Also by Hallielle Rose Dawson:

But Weary | Inventory | Limonada | Twelve to Twelve | Walls | To Prove Otherwise |

My absent companion

My absent comrade


A fickle and inconstant friend,

of whom I rarely see enough.

It’s within you my dreams reside

but without you, I feel rough.


You’re absent when I need you most,

then sneak up on me, unexpected.

Can’t you see, you’re broken and disjointed

when I need you to be connected?


But if we weren’t to meet again

I doubt that I could I cope.

I ...

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extended metaphorinsomniainsomniacmetaphorSleepsleep deprivation

Got Any Change Luv . . . ?

He would be there every morning

Sitting under the railway bridge

Alone on the paving stones

Young, small, dark hair, very slight,

Faded ragged clothes . . .

Got any change luv . . . ?

Every day the same chorus, the same mantra.

Always on my way to work,

Passing him by.

There came a time when I gathered coins, silver, copper,

Keeping it in my pocket, just for him.


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Across The Fields At Dusk

Hours spent listening to your voice
carefully controlled
precisely chosen words
with expert intonation

I've laid with headphones on
naked and imagining 
there is no separation
no distance
that you're beside me speaking
as my knuckles snake your thigh

You tell the story of your life
you’re telling my story too
How strange, how similar
manifestly different
but emotiona...

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Also by Tom:

Books of Blake | Tourist Trap | Lend Me Your Light |

When People Ask

When people ask me how I'm doing I want to tell them the truth. 

That my depression is the captor I can not escape from. 

That my heart longs for the attention I don't sustain. 

That my ears burn waiting for you to tell me you feel the same. 

I want to tell you that depression has invited anxiety over.


Yes... that is the third time this week. Thanks for noticing. 


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AngeranxietydepressionFuck Anxiety

There Isn't A Need

Bandages constantly being placed,

Straight onto those voids that were caused

By someone who had no right to harm.


Wrap, tape, cry.

That's your pattern each night, isn't it?

When you weep because of your craving for love.


You do not understand it yet

But you do not require this person in your life.

Yesterday's emotions need to be wiped clean.


We are the uni...

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Also by Beth Abbott:

Wednesday Echoes |

familyhopenext chapterprotection


entry picture

Poetry and creative writing by the philosopher and author, alexis karpouzos.

Actress : Martha mourouzi

alexis karpouzos on Amazon

alexis karpouzos on Goodreads

alexis karpouzos on youtube

alexis karpouzos on spotify

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Also by alexis karpouzos:



Hansel's Universe

entry picture

I don’t want to look up at the sky anymore
for it terrifies me
the stars have never been more than crumbs of the universe
laymen wish upon
and suddenly I find myself
tracing your eyes
and the bottom of your chin
along constellations complex
crumbs that leave a path
tiny pieces of you
that lead me home

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Also by Niharika Shah:

Why I Can't Tell You I Love You |



Hush we’re not talking about it

We have nothing to say

No we have nothing to share now

Nothing can help anyway

We buried it deep you can’t find it

And we won’t let anything slip

I can’t even try to explain how

But I’ll try to give you a tip

Just walk away, what you don’t know

Can’t hurt you or anyone here

We smothered emotion completely 

So now there is nothing to ...

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Also by Cathy:

A lonely place |


entry picture



The first snowdrops poked their heads above the parapet

An act of heroism in an unheroic world.

My eyes stinging with the freeze rejoice

 On my island of green I stand firm

Surrounded on all sides by snow like ice

Sharp, cruel and threatening to break through the frontline

Of my black leather jackboots.

No joyful bird song shattered my military meditations


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Also by eve nortley:

Dachau | Dachau |

February 2020 Collage Poem: Don’t Go Down that Street

entry picture


There’s a rumour going round that street

Pushing past their little destinies


Caught short Shakespear relieved himself against the corn sheaves

The fox startled bit the leg of the harvest jigger


The painting has little time to dry, as poets' pens begin.

To take down a street of music, blended to new worlds of rhyme.


Underneath the moon

The rabbit did not sto...

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2020Collage PoemFebruary

Letter to the World

Dear World, why do you make me bleed?

Feelings of resent and hate fuel every thought

Al queda and Isis cause less terror

why do you give me feelings without purpose?

You say to be strong but provide me with no weapon.


Dear world, why do you make me scream?

The sorrow and pain but still no hope 

the very existence of life is a damning memory

you cage me everyday, please...

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Winter Love

memories taste

like snowflakes on my tongue


and melt in my soul


love remains

like ice on the garden pond


in the memory of water

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Not The End


chess fans
set 'em up again
expect the worst
a time of crisis reconstituted
a time of crisis not the end is nigh
make a fortress of a piece of wood 
one of the lost boys would tell you
prepare to have your every move questioned
and found wanting
the best you'd always aspire to
but sometimes good enough can do
the unseemly mingling of positive and negative  
is it dark stripes on l...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Practical Poetry | An Alpaca For Amandalpaca From Alpacadam | The Attraction Of Tiny Petals |


The beach isn't a beach
if it sans the sea
Just a random strip of sand
scorching, dry
on a hot summer day

The night doesn't fall
till the sun goes away
paving way
for it to dazzle
in its own way

Am I the night
that needs the sun
to dissappear,
to mark my presence
or simply the beach
which will be nothing without the sea?

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depressiondoubtemotional pain

Do it now

It may not be the Thames or the seine

But let’s drag and pull out the cups and the bottles

The supermarket trolleys

The bikes

Last year’s thing

In last year’s colour

Along with the bodies

The rats and the occasional drowned cat

The bag of kittens

A scarf or a hat

A left-handed mitten


Let’s empty the canal

The rushing river

Let’s pick out the litter


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Also by Martin Elder:

Close enounters of the third kind |

Loyalty and Devotion

Loyalty cannot be bought,
But earnt.
A virtue not everybody can understand,
Or learn.

I express my loyalty to you in many ways,
In many forms.
It may come across different to the usual stuff,
What we class as a norm.

Depending on your position in my life,
I act accordingly.
But the deepest bond that I've had,
I'm loyal very differently.

Theres nothing that can stop me from being there ...

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Also by BrightSide92:

Pulses |

Valentine's Wish

entry picture

Don’t get me wrong

I often long for chocolate;




tied with a bow,

seems more about show

than any love that I know.


I value your time

more than a sweetly, slick rhyme.

Your words have more worth

than a purchased verse;


whispered, in private

has more meaning.


Choose genuine over saccharine.

Be present,...

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I don't know why

I feel so sad and I don't know why

Often at night I attempt to cry

Beacuse this feeling inside of me I want it to die

This is all I can do to try


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Also by Zoë:

(untitled) | (untitled) |


A songbird’s sweet melody 

ushers angels to

light up your lonely lair, 

shoo fears away, 

make peace with your pain, 

set your spirit free...

to love, 



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Also by Vautaw:

Kindred Spirits | How Many Times | Que Sera | Embers |

angelsfearhealingLonelinessLove. Lifepain

Orange zest bed

lie with me in our orange zest bed
envelop me in buttered loins and salty skin
against the cavern of your chest 
I lie my head 
a willing prisoner
white noise of your heartbeat
the only sound I want to hear
don't let there be a world beyond the now
I couldn't leave this moment if I tried
I am foetus
in the womb of your body
nurtured, but at risk of expulsion
a sacrificial lamb 

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Also by Kate G:

Orange zest bed |

You made me do it

You're so impossible
you are selfish
you are difficult
you cause me so much trouble
I've only got this angry with you
you provoked me
you're unreasonable 
you aren't like your brother
you never help
I never get this cross with anyone else
you made me hit you
I lost control because of you
you are defective
but I love you
so all is ok 

everything is possible with me
I am self full

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awakenedchild abuselovemental illness

Yad Esoporp!

Perfection exemplified!

Random access thwarted,

Opulence and munificence studded together;

Proposals all go in vain…

Outwitted in every essence,

Scrutinizing the one that’s futuristic,

Essential element is the key.


Dashing, determined and dutiful…

All inculcated in the person,

Yes! The hunt remains on.

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Dreams space

Take me away

Lift me away

Far from this place

Sleep womb

Vanquish my fears

Cradle me dear

Spare me from doom


Show me a world

Give me a world

That I can face

High-noon miracle

Vigilante’s tale

Visions regale

An epic spectacle

Mask the sun

Bury the basement light

Tunnel down to the warm

Superhighways of secrets


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Also by Jake Vincent Belmont:

Flower |

The Muse's

entry picture

The Muse of music
And the Muse of poetry
Please inspire me

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Myopic Hordes

The cracked ice was a sign,

an unnoticed warning

of the dangers ahead

but no one heeded it,

ignored it and

were blindly fed

by the cyclops' hand.

Nobody saw the distance

as so great and

the myopic vision

you foretold

was gathered unseen

by the hordes

running wildly

to their demise.

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The globe

suspended in its cradle

thrusting forward its most prominent aspects

swept into view

with a dark side concealed

and in aquamarine

a place I knew so well,

for it was here I stood


as, like a skydiver, arms outstretched

my curiosity aroused, considered

how without a moving pulse

heart still, not beating with tides

winds, joy

silent as death how sa...

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You Have My Heart

When you give someone your heart

They have it and that's just that

There's no feeling of loss or of something missing 

Simply joy as you realised you had it to give

And gave it willingly, without doubt

Knowing it sits safe with the one you love

You have my heart

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Her Ancient Ruin

entry picture

The hour is slim!

the time to entwine

with her and

with advantage inhale

the heavy offering

from between the jaws

of her open thighs.


Persephone's tasty flesh

renders her cleft

of wet truth-

she can slake this thirst-

can assuage my ache

when enthralled against

the serpent earth,

with legs knotted,

we lay tangled

in ancient ruin.


words a...

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Being with you

The world would be a sad place without you:

with you, is everything.

I love being with you.

I love the feel of your warm breath on my face

as we lay side by side.

I breathe in your essence 

as we embrace

and as I lay on your chest

feeling you rise and fall.

Skin on skin.

I am content,

full to the brim with the warmth of your love.

I am held, secure,



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Also by Jill Ashforth:

Myself | Tribute to John Muir |


After The Fifteenth Step…


Watching the full moon

Coming out of the monsoon cloud

-In the middle of the lonely night


After the downpour

The sky seems to be smiling

Like her eyes


Shining bright and vivid

In our midnight paradise

Her eyes; brimming over in ecstasy


These sleepless nights

Bring her memories back

Not in pain nor in consolation


I can still count her ste...

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griefstrickenlove sonnet

uoıʇɐʌɹǝsǝɹd ɟlǝs ɹoɟ pɹɐɓǝɹsıp

The moon dawns...

A skinless freak locked in a cage.

War-torn, heart broken, and empty;

His own shivers, his only friend


Spiked chains sink into his achilles,

His sleep forever disturbed by ridged mice gnawing at his muscle tissue

... sometimes he lets them take a bite before kicking them away 


Selflessness killed the cat .

The giving tree turned to stump .


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Also by Cosmica:

イん乇 乇刀りレ乇丂丂 キムレレ |

The Fire of Ego

The Fire of Ego

Ego has destroyed everything around

The exuberant fire has burnt all real souls, found

Those were meant to illuminate the whole world

With their pious hearts and glorious acts


Jealousy, anguish, anger, and hatred

Are like ashes that will be alive up to infinity

Love, emotions, sentiments & attachments

Were dumped in dump yard for ages

Nothing matters...

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I hope you are the sun that

shines at the daint of the full moon

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#love #romantic #relationship #sad

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