Shifting Contrasts

Shifting Contrasts


The heat of life and the industry of the soul

War threatens, disease is rampant

We fall and falter over hurdles and stiles

Stung by the nettles of deceit and treachery

Wounded by the sword of infidelity

Pierced by shameful memories too grevious

Catapulted into an unkown kaleidoscope

Turn this way and that, no right from wrong

In sleep a melody plays a symphony of recovery

We awake to the beauty of the natural world

To breathe afresh the air of England's home

Resting in glades, besides rivers we lie

With those we cherish we are invigorated

Renewed purpose rises like a tide of potent strength

To take the rough with the smooth

Embraced in the arms of a lover

Transported beyond the reach of this mortal plane

We glide, swoop and soar as doves on high

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