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Heavens must be smiling to me, oooh love, like the graceful moves of a talented dancer, I must have  touched God when I kissed a stranger on the staircase, could birds and feathers be a  soft way of talking about love? Or should we  consider butterflies beauties in fear of love, or the gut the guru of secrets of love and fear, but that's just a lustful heart, wishful hopes for an angel up above to...

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Dear death

Just gone. They say you are no more, 
I can't describe it, dear death do you have any feelings? 
I don't know or even understand 
Does it follow the laws of physics? 
What do they mean "fare thee well?"
where did you go? What's the journey about? 
Did you get sucked into a black hole? They say time stops when you enter the event horizon. Is it why they say "rest in peace? "
Nothing escapes ...

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A storm of my own creation

A storm of my own creation, a beauty she is,  but don't come near cause I'm afraid. she is the best, strong and peaceful from a distance but a monster when threatened, she came to me with her clear watery eyes, hazel brown eyes with splinters of dark sprawn like a rough touch of a poets brush, be warned they are the main suspect of the source and energy that powers my storm, standing tall to the c...

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