A Strange Happening

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A Strange Happening


A strange thing happened yesterday

When I did tap rotate

My bladder had this funny urge

And said “Go urinate”


I have a scientific mind

And had to know the reason

Why my bladder told me this

And why it needed easing


Knowing Google's reputation

In solving strange events

I quickly typed in '”Please help me

Why to the loo I'm sent?”


If you are tuned to science

I'm sure you've jumped ahead

My climax will be lost on you

This pee/tap thing, you've read


For those who are still wondering

Google helped me out

Why this pee/tap happens

What it's all about


Psychologists they tell us

Suggestive power's at play

Cos running water sounds like

Urine pissing 'way


So if you need to do a pee

And urge has gone abscond

Simply turn a tap on, listen

Bladder will respond


Don Matthews July 2019



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Don Matthews

Thu 27th Feb 2020 22:42

MC you've triggered in my brain
I must go pee when I hear rain

(will curse you forever)

Brian, when pollies open trap
I'll now be forced to go and crap

(and yes, curse you forever)


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 27th Feb 2020 12:53

Know the feeling. I'm old enough to recall this was basic advice
and a practice used for those suffering from fluid retention. As I get
older I hope that falling rain doesn't have the same effect !! 😙


Thu 27th Feb 2020 11:51

Hehehe.....I believe it.....cos I've had similar experiences.....lolzzzzzz🙃🙃🙃

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Paul Sayer

Thu 27th Feb 2020 11:41

Somebody turned the tap on six times last night.

When I read much of your stuff, Don, I do worry that my feet will go rusty.

Why is that Po?

Because I laugh so much I wee myself.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 27th Feb 2020 11:28

Dr Don
Now dons
A coat so scientific
His medical credentials
Are these days
Quite specific
He tries to find
Your funny bones
Making sure
They've not gone
A miss
When it comes
To poetry
He'll never
Take the
P*ss 😉

Or will he???

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Brian Maryon

Thu 27th Feb 2020 09:34

I have a similar feeling when I hear politicians tallking crap.

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