High Blood Pressure


The tests came back
the diagnosis was confirmed
my wife has high blood pressure
and I am the cause

it's all the things I do
that irritate her
I try to behave
but it's just not natural

she would lead a normal life
if it wasn't for me
for some reason when I'm around
her blood pressure spikes

the doctor says the best remedy
is for me to leave and not come back
for a minimum of 5 years

he says she should do fine
with me out of the picture
and her blood pressure
should return to normal
along with her life

She is looking forward
to being happy once again
free from prescription drugs
and me

like a dormant volcano
she will no longer be
under any pressure at all

the lava flow
reduced to a trickle.



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M.C. Newberry

Fri 7th Feb 2020 16:51

Tut-tut...how could you be so thoughtless as to be less than perfect?
As the Bard wrote (well - almost) 😉...
Parting can be such sweet sorrow
Save my blood pressure until it be a distant morrow.

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