A storm of my own creation

A storm of my own creation, a beauty she is,  but don't come near cause I'm afraid. she is the best, strong and peaceful from a distance but a monster when threatened, she came to me with her clear watery eyes, hazel brown eyes with splinters of dark sprawn like a rough touch of a poets brush, be warned they are the main suspect of the source and energy that powers my storm, standing tall to the clouds, winds blowing, her dress flying up in the skies sticking to her legs from the front oh what a gracious creature, she touched me with her grace and blessed me with her peace serenity and life. oh what bliss but she woke up and left her winds followed at her heel leaving me spinning and spinning over and over again and again round and round till I come crushing to the dust with no air for my lungs, an elephant's foot on my chest I can't breathe, she attacked my heart and now it's broken. I control all storms but this I created I keep thinking I can and cannot calm it for when you pass near me you bring such winds and cool me down then you leave and all over again I  start spinning bringing down destruction as I pass spinning out of control dead inside and hollowed out I just can't understand, why you took my breath with you oh gracious one, 


Dear death ►


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mathenge mengo

Fri 14th Feb 2020 06:59

Thank you

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Wed 12th Feb 2020 16:18

Beautifully expressed!! 9

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