Fall of final curtain

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Final fall of curtain

Thursday,20th February 20929 1600 p.m.


The strange voices are heard

many ghost like faces appear

they threaten me with their clumsy look

I refused to look at and shook the head


how many month s have passed?

but wish to see their faces have not ceased

how good were they playing before eyes!

I lye down and desperately try to see


"this is your fate" my inner chamber get voice

but why are these noises?

I shout at but blocked by the cough

is the final journey so rough?


I try to pray and concentrate

but meet with the feelings of hate

"what have you done whole life"?

"nothing, nothing" I just faced wrath


"Please take me away" I plead and close the eyes

My soul wants to fly away

away to the far of land where there is no pain

The place is called heaven


I am slowly going down

with eyes half shown

the discontent is grown from within

I await the fall of curtain


Hasmukh Mehta


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