My Songs

Songs of love and happiness
Erase all my feelings of sadness
Wipe away these tears 
And all my fears 
Nothing but blue
When I'm living with you
Nothing but blue 
When I'm listening to you,
My songs of sadness 

When I wake in the morning
You’re the first thing I want to hear
Start my day with you ever so near
Songs close to my heart
May we never part
I listen to you,
My songs of sadness



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Don Matthews

Wed 26th Feb 2020 10:21

Golly gosh
My rhyme's awash
No no, it teems
On Do it seems

btw I also liked your poem

Ring bell
Ding dong
Front door
Bing bong

Avon calling.......

Go home Don.....



Wed 26th Feb 2020 09:38

Btw....mika.....nice poem....I liked it Mik.


Wed 26th Feb 2020 09:37

Happy songs
Sad songs
Love songs
Romance songs
Wat songs
Songs n songs
Ping pong
Ding a dong
Play them on
Let them ring
Ding ding ding

(Suddenly......I had Don thing in me...hehehe...😁)

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