A Load of Luggage

A Load of Luggage


Railways and their stations full of steam and soot

Deafening the noise as porters shouted and whistles blew

We heaved and pushed to climb aboard the express

Wearing our uniforms with cases and kitbags encumbered

Destined for camps, ports and airfields in remote places

Never sufficient seating we sat in narrow corridors

Beneath dimmed lights as others struggled by

Then came Crewe, that Mecca for change

All Change came the cry, no digital boards in those days

Back onto a platform we fell in search of a connection

Which platform for Euston I asked a passerby

Over there, hurry it is about to leave

Another mad dash, my cap askew as I ran

The luxury of a seat in a compartment

Such bliss as I placed my bags aloft and sat back

The train shuddered forward and gathered speed

What time are we in London I asked a lady opposite

London she gasped. This is non stop to Bristol Temple Meads

Hells Bells I cried. I'll be AWOL

I have to be in Kent by 23.59 or its the nick

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Don Matthews

Thu 27th Feb 2020 02:17

I think I'm on the wrong train
Guard stop, quick ring the bell
There's lots of smoke and fire around
Shit! train's bound for hell

Clapham Junction, phew!, change trains
Fluffy clouds, blue sky
Angels frolicking all round
I'm bound for Glory High

Close call...phew!


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Martin Elder

Wed 26th Feb 2020 23:09

This conjures up also sorts of memories and thoughts for me as a small boy of some steam trains still being around. The guards whistles and so forth.
Marvellous Keith

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keith jeffries

Sun 23rd Feb 2020 16:03

Thank you for your comment. Are you not familiar with the names of these stations? Perhaps you live in another country.

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Hannah Collins

Sun 23rd Feb 2020 15:14

Loved the drama, the names of the stations.
Hope all was well in the end.


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keith jeffries

Fri 21st Feb 2020 11:32

MC., and Po,

I would have been about twenty one at the time. When I reached Bristol there was a London express about to leave. This took me to London where I took a taxi to Charing Cross thence to Ashford. I made it just before 23.59. A friend on guard duty asked if I had a good trip. I grimaced and said yes.

Thank you for your interest and comments.

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Thu 20th Feb 2020 20:46

NO........ You can't leave us here Keith.

Please say there is a part 2.

This reminds me of having to pick up a young trooper from Thetford Police station after he spent the night in a cell cooling off!

He went AWOL he talked all the way back to Robertson's Barracks' about the stress he was suffering after his R&R.

How old were you when this mishap happened?


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 20th Feb 2020 15:24

Vivid - with closing lines that bring back the panic that many of us have felt at being on the wrong train when time and place were of the essence.

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