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The nothingnesses

A poem from my drawerling,

to wit red notebook 1998


what is a nothingness?

solely an adumbration of

the voidness – forsakenness

an accustomary expression

an extinct volcano

– ad invinitum

the little animal

killed by the children

haply a starlet

- the dead

a ground of the bosomlet

from stone

or mayhap

the leaflet

fallen downward

the whole pict...

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The orchid in the starry night

The main part of the poem

Herculean welcome: Hallo. You huge, hilarious human! Have honorary heart of hyacinth with humming birds!

Herculean welcome: Hallo. Am I a gorgeous orchid without any sonorous oblivion and dreamy rumination about the Horologium?

Standing, waiting I see, hear, taste, touch feeling of this night outside from Pavel´s window sill near an ewer and three cacti so dear l...

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starry night

Poem about Prometheus

the fire is for You a beloved magic

which You are easy able to give to the people like gold

the love of the people is an overjoyed day-dreaming

dear Titan You like the people against Zeus deeply

the human-being made from tears and clay is admiring You

the eternal dreamer and the cloudy rider so delicately

thanks to humane skills – we know them anyway

with Apollon You go on a j...

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Three kinds of insects

mysterious mystic mythical merry-ladybug

you are melancholy
like little wolf loving Little Red Riding Hood

in the pond of the muses' feelings
You are a lily of eternity
which can smell very cute


gorgeous gentle genial grasshopper


You are graceful

like Sleeping Beauty who likes wild roses

in the sea of druidic feelings
you are a silverfish
that can dream


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