Oh Little Poem With Two Days Left

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Oh Little Poem With Two Days Left


(Suddenly realising it was the 28th I wrote this in a hurry. I seem to have a habit of conversing with inanimate objects. Am I lacking friends? Thalia and I often have chin-wags. She's a great friend. Never tells me off. Is she real or inanimate? Hmm....)



I am a little poem

On view for two more days

When I will then be bundled off

Archived, and put away


What next? little poem of 2 day's freedom?....


Tell the WOLer powers that be

To treat me tenderly

When archive monster tells them to

Go, get rid of me


I'm sure it's a nice monster little poem.....


I just don't trust technology

To archive me with care

I want a pair of human hands

'Cause humans, you do care


It's called progress little poem....


If robots and machines are

Replacing what you do

Will human contact also go?

I hope not....


I'm sure you will be archived with care little poem.

The WOL Board have a very kind archive monster


Don Matthews 28 February 2020

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The Archive Monster's Coming ►



Sat 29th Feb 2020 04:19

This new month of Feb 2020
Left us sooner than it came
Hope's were high but nothing came by
March is on it's way enter 2020 like soldiers brave
Hope's renewed, may be it's the month to date💋

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Sat 29th Feb 2020 00:27

The end is nigh

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Don Matthews

Fri 28th Feb 2020 22:13

As will our comments John


Little comments Don and John
Soon be buried dead and gone
Elphy's Graveyard February
Comments gone John, you and me

But don't fret John, March, new dawn!!!
Cradle for new comments born
Rhyme is getting no-where fast
February comments? last


But not for this little Aussie....😎

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John Coopey

Fri 28th Feb 2020 15:44

Soon destined for that great poetry Elephant’s Graveyard of February.

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Don Matthews

Fri 28th Feb 2020 08:52

I couldn't find a picture of the archive monster WOL Board to help reassure our little poem that is a nice one. You must keep it well hidden. Even Google couldn't find it


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