The Singer and the Storm

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The Singer and the Storm


The screen above the singer

Flashed thunder, lightening, doom

When suddenly, from nowhere,

Real lightening, thunder, boom


The rain came down in torrents

Electric circuits blew

Custom made piano

On stage, left all drenched through


All poncho'd and protected

The singer led away

OK, but just bit shaken

Another Elton day


Don Matthews February 2020

Action video


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Don Matthews

Wed 26th Feb 2020 11:14

El's still around
For 'nother lap
So looks like he
Did not get zap


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Brian Maryon

Wed 26th Feb 2020 10:28

A poncho will protect from rain, but being ponchoed will not protect from lightning.


Wed 26th Feb 2020 09:34

Such a waste of time, effort and disappointed the audience must have been. 🌷

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