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Hey pops

Hey there pops, I know your there

your watching from high above

Way up in the clouds

Your finally home where you belong


Past the clouds, high high above

Watching down, now over us all

You'll be there, like you've always been

In our hearts, now high above


Hey hey bro, your finally home

How've you been, watchin the kids grow

Let's hit our spot, bring some fish...

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Tonight my heart reaches out to the frozen abbiss

Searching for you

Yearning for your love

Reaching out till its veins fall off


Your no where to be found

The darkness keeps creeping in

To what end will my heart hurt

To what end will my feelings hunt


You lied to me for months

Keeping him in secret

All the while

Promising me your heart

Your hand in marri...

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Nights like tonight

Nights like tonight

In a bed so cold

I think of the house

Together we made it a home

Now I spend my nights alone


Mind is spinning

Out of control

I bought us a house

Suppose to be our home


Vows were to be said in June

Now months later

I'm nothing to you

Sitting alone in our room


I sold my dream car

To buy you a ring

Everything I ever wante...

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One sense

Its amazing how

Just one sense can send me back

To our house it was our home

Constant reminder of what was my throne


Just one sight one scent

Brings on the memories and what I remember

Our home was full of light and laughter 

Something I thought was true

But again you've shown me 

None of it was real


I sit here alone in silence

Was any of it true

Or am...

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Rollercoaster of life

you try to do everything right
build a life
Put up a good fight
yet one decision
One reaction
can change it all
your life was Perfect
You had it all
everything You have ever wanted
and more
your world
your life
blows up in your face
and down the big hill
the rollercoaster of life
your hopes
your dreams
all gone in just one night
you hit rock bottom
trying to pickup the pieces

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Heart of fire

My heart is like wild fire

Burning throughout the night

The pain is real

The flames are too

I try my hardest to extinguish the fire

That you lit so long ago

Yet to you

Im like a lit match easily extinguished

even a little breeze and out I go

Thrown to the trash as im of no use

One day this fire will go

Finally cold with no burn to throw

That is the day new life ...

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