Who Would I Be?

Who would I be, were it not for my name,
But a wave upon life's endless shore,
Just a soul passing by for one round of the game,
A fool could not ask for much more

A moment in time is all we may see
In the bodies with which we unite,
So while you are here, be happy, be free,
And know that it will be alright

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keith jeffries

Thu 13th Feb 2020 13:44


This is a thought provoking poem as I have often thought about the subject of personal identity. The question which I ask myself is "will I lose my identity when I die?" Will I become a no one and drift into the cosmos unrecognised? Should there be an after life then how would we recognise one another from this mortal coil?

The last two lines of the second stanza provide comfort.
Thank you for this


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