I Love Her Feet

Tiny toes adorned with painted nails delicately set high above the creased velvet goldmine below. Perched a top the gentle slopes guiding you down to the very heart of her most gracious arch.
My eyes now firmly fixed on the very center of her bend. Soft, tender flesh.
A delightful garden leading down to the very soles of your feet. One hand wrapped around your big toe and the other lifting your sole.
I look upon your feet with a restless breathless desire. Subconsciously my lips pucker as if to kiss. I stop to ask myself why but only kisses are on my mind.
Breathing deeply all at once my face falls to your feet.
Lost in your love and tempted to worship, I begin to kiss your little toes one by one admiring their beauty as they wiggle before my lips.
The sweet fragrance from your leisure and labor leaves me intoxicated with love and desire.
Now more hungry than ever I bury my face into the center of your sultry soft arch hoping it pleases you as much to me.
Kissing it deeply I realize we both want more. Releasing my hands I press my thumbs deeply into the glorious center and begin to slide them back and forth.
Now is the time. Poured oil. Hands wet. I Tickle the soles of your feet going deeper with every stroke until I have firmly taken hold of your well manicured soles.
As I grip them tight I realize that Zeus is hard as a rock.
Paying no attention I finish my job as thoughts of buying you pretty shoes and toe rings flash through my mind...after all she's a Goddess, and I bow down at her feet!


I woke up this morning with nothing but your feet on my mind and im more horny for you than ever! You rock my world from the sexual to sensual and physically to mentally. Salivating over the thoughts of smelling your feet, massaging, kissing and caressing your soles and toes. This little poem is only the surface of the fire and passion thats building inside of me and is about to overflow. I love you and I cannot wait to make magic between us.


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