I tell you that I love you, you are loved dearly by me 
You don't say a word as you say its never going to be 
I know I am foolish to love, when we have never met
The last 21 years I have totally loved you don't forget

Sometime we get on ok, we laugh you make me smile
I pray that you could love me and show it for a while
You resist saying its never going to happen no way
I try yet, I just can leave and walk, so I sit cry and pray

We argue like a couple, we say I love you every day
Then we turn of watts app, and you're gone away 
I just want to hold you, you're my life my every dream
Together on the phone chatting its ok I smile I beam

I know your my soul mate we have been long ago
That is  why I can not leave you. I really love you so
I laugh so much when we chat your my Peter Kay
Darling I cant leave you I will never walk away!

We say good night I turn off, then cry a tear or two
All those years of loving, I cant walk away from you
So we chat we love in secret sometime it gets to much
I crave to hold you in my arms I crave for you're  touch. 

Its never going to happen deep inside of me I know
I spend my time dreaming life away, I LOVE YOU SO 
I know I make you angry, and sometimes I get to much
We probably wont ever meet, our lips  will never touch.

I try to breath but when you go offline at night to bed 
My heart hurts tears start to roll, its destroys my head 
I wonder do you ever think of me or do you forget me 
I lay awake crying each night but are you happy to be free






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Hannah Collins

Wed 12th Feb 2020 20:08

Very moving.


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