splendid resplendence

in your essence I sense resplendence
could do no wrong by me, your personably impressioned defendant
your honor is what I strive for
it's why the day turns to night, sun and moon argue back and forth
fight about what's wrong and who's right, tug of war
light bends but doesn't break, shines through the prism, and is perceived in different waves

I met you once but my memory is starting to fade, i just hope our souls remember all the energy from that day
a beautiful girl doing a beautiful thing, I'm sure if you had a wish that needed granting it would be done by the powers that be
I'll have you know that my sister's now in good health, I pray your piece of mind reaches mine and the gap between wealth subsides
no matter the endeavor I'll be cheering you on, I hope that god's hand does not steer you wrong
I hope that the blast from the big bang did not leave any debris in your way, because you are perfect in the most perfect way

you deserve cherish every day, this goes without saying but I thought I'd say it anyway
bringing light and warmth into a dark and cold world, nurture is in your nature where it never snows
if we ever locked eyes I would collapse and fold, eyes are the windows to your soul and it shows
your smile beams with such intensity, love is only blind in it's propensity
I envy your ever-turning beauty, we came to shape and reverberate through our spirit's splay but I'll always love you, see

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