At my door arrived someone broken inside. 

I could see in your eyes you felt scared and alone. 

I held you in my arms and asked what was wrong. I listened without judgement and told you it was okay. 

I told you I would help you without any expectation that I would be re-paid.

I offered without pause cause, I told you the last time we spoke I loved you then as I do now.
As time passed we grew closer I thought, Could you really see me as more then a friend.

I could barely speak when I asked you to share my life with me. 

When you agreed to be with me as my husband I thought could this be reality.

I was filled with happiness I felt loved like never before.

I almost forgot the first time I told you I loved you I was denied.

I encouraged to better yourself with advise and supported you with love.  

Now alone I stand again worse off then when you came to me.  

I feel disrespected unloved unwanted and disposable. 

I question everything I ever knew about you. 

Was it real did I allow myself to fall into a Fantasy. 

Questions fill my head negativity builds I’m left feeling as if I am a fool. 

In my most vulnerable you left me alone.
Upset by my actions you hold your ground.

Not realizing I am falling further into depression. 
I have lost everything including you. 

Into the emptiness I stare and you focus on what you think is wrong. 

forgetting everything we have been through up to this point.  

We were building a life together at least I thought up till that day.

Know that I loved you when you didn’t feel like you deserved it.

I cared about you when nobody thought about you. 

I made sure you never felt alone. 

Pride is the reason its all gone.

◄ Broken bonds


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