A tribute to Caroline Flack

On Strictly Come Dancing Caroline found fame,

The best Strictly performance ever,she did claim.

"Angels" an eternal monument she did shed,

"When I come to call ,I'm loving angels instead."


Many hearts will be broken,Caroline was ace,

Put under pressure due to an on going case.

Her final instagram post showed her giving her dog a kiss,

Talented ,smart and likeable,Caroline we will sadly miss.


She reached out to people when things were tough,

Doing all she could to succeed when times were rough.

Such a talented girl but vulnerable ,was hounded by the press,

A prosecution should have been private  avoiding the stress.


Tragically Caroline is not here any more,

Good night angel,whom we did adore.

Sorry you didn't get the help you did deserve,

A lesson for the press and the prosecution to observe!


Heaven has a new angel up there in the sky,

Dancing in the clouds way up high.

Unfortunately we can't bring Caroline back,

But millions will fondly remember Caroline Flack.





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M.C. Newberry

Mon 24th Feb 2020 16:15

Apropos the comment from Starfish:
Back in the day - before the introduction of the Crown Prosecution
Service, the police (with legal advice from their own solicitors - something conveniently overlooked by those promoting the CPS)
prosecuted - with REQUIRED legal representation in the crown court.
They had the first hand knowledge of cases from the off that saw
the latter often come to court when the current guideliness employed
by the CPS would have barred them finding judgement and any
resolution in court. Now the CPS make the final decision to prosecute and that decision is based upon the guidelines referred to
above, whether or not the police are "happy" with that decision.

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Sun 23rd Feb 2020 19:01

Yes apparenty the CPS wanted to drop the case, but the police wanted it to go to court. Neither did her boyfriend want her prosecuted and she intimated that she would kill herself. Tragic beyond measure and totally avoidable. Still shocked.

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Hannah Collins

Fri 21st Feb 2020 20:29

This is a tragedy.
A report shows that the police recently were given a new directive to be much tougher on domestic crime.
In the past they have been a bit lenient and often the 'victim' changes their mind, maybe on several occasions, but now the police can go ahead anyway.
It seems harsh that Caroline was fired from her role as presenter, even though she was still technically innocent.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 19th Feb 2020 13:38

Not a familiar name to my own TV viewing. No life should be lost when it can be avoided - least of all that taken by its owner. The
decision to proceed with a prosecution was apparently taken despite
the recent statement from the victim that he didn't wish to go ahead
with a complaint. That being the case, he could have been a witness that the court might have accepted as "hostile" (to the prosecution)
and the case might have foundered - or resulted in a slap on the
wrist at most. Of such situations are tragedies made.. .

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