The Sounds of Night

The Sounds of Night


Outside it blows

the house responds

Windows gently rattle

the dogs slumber in unison

a gentle murmur of contentment

A hum pervades all

a distant bell chimes

A cat triggers a light

it scurries away

The faint sound of music

an indeterminable melody

A melllifluous snore

I am not alone

The room is jet black

inky black with no shadows

The mind is in overdrive

replays the previous day

Warmth affords security

as I snuggle closer

Again there are chimes

a distant vehicle passes

The room is tomb like

breathing faintly audible

Dawn is held in abeyance

soon may it come


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Don Matthews

Mon 10th Feb 2020 08:39

For some reason I missed this Keith. I like it....

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