Cut Adrift

Cut Adrift


Cut adrift in a maze of chaos and confusion

I am rejected flotsam abandoned in a great endless ocean

Never alone I collide with others and their thoughts and words

Which only adds to my sense of loss with no direction

Hope for what, I ponder, undulating waves prevent any real view

Often swirling mists envelope the ocean's surface 

At times cold and wretched, friendless yet I exist

I struggle to keep afloat, never to go under or despair

I clutch at passing objects and fleeting moments of human contact

But often in vein as the whirlpools carry me in spirals out of control

Daylight offers a spectrum of clarity and with it some purpose

Night brings on board the demons who arrive with gusts of fear

If this is a journey for a reason then I cannot see ahead

But a presence spurs me on to afford me some strength to be resilient

Arms outstretched I strike out aimlessly

Towards an unseen shore on another horizon

◄ My Mother in Law

Time Heals ►


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keith jeffries

Sun 2nd Feb 2020 19:57


Thank you as always. Your comment is much appreciated.


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M.C. Newberry

Sun 2nd Feb 2020 13:38

I thought of Matthew Arnold's "Dover Beach" when reading these
lines. The sense of the passing tide of humanity, its hopes and
dreams, washing against the constraints of life is well caught and
developed, especially in the last three lines..

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