Lock and Key

Alone at the door 

you may find me

Trying to decide whether to leave it unlocked 

or wide open

or slip the lock and the latch and all that makes me safe


You see 

If I leave the door open 

Then I get to see the sun pass softly all day long 

But with it carries an awful draught 

It is chilling 

It is freezing each cell of this small body 

But it is open in the hope that you may wander by 

Take a gander inside 

Come home 

to me


And if I leave the door unlocked 

It would be much too easy 

For more men with more dark souls to pass through 

To steal that which I possess 

To damage that which I hold dear 

But it is left unlocked 

In the hopes that while I sleep

You will return 

Come home 

to me 


And if I lock that door 

Then I uninvite the promise of a future I coveted 

Shut the windows and close the blinds 

Let the white picket fence become tall like bars on windows

Am I safe here or am I a prisoner?

The door has been locked 

since I realised that you will not come back 

Come home 

to us 


Is it time to change the locks

or do I leave the spare key under the mat 

for your return 


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