Melancholy Death

I feel like life is not meant to be
I'll sleep in the cold outside
I'm slipping into my gloom
They would say I'm too young to die
Tell the truth I'm sick of being alive

This melancholy has drained me dry
I don't want to breath if I'm alone tonight
The end of my world will be soon
So come in help me fucking die 
I hate myself more and more
It's knot okay 

You don't have to live with me 
One less human means one more second
No one would ever pick me 
It's something I've got to live with

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Don Matthews

Sat 15th Feb 2020 22:06

MC writes wise words Damon.

Why am I always writing humour? I brightens me up.. Makes me and others feel good. Have a go.

Why do I write humour
So much on Write Out Loud?
Don't want to dwell in doom and gloom
Don't want to black enshroud

So far this ain't a humour rhyme
Let's add a touch of cheer
Pack up your pen, hop down the pub
And let's go have a beer

Now if this doesn't crack a smile Damon I give up....


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M.C. Newberry

Sat 15th Feb 2020 15:55

It should be taught that we are all here to face adversity and our duty
is to rise above it, with self-love and love and respect for others promoted as the primary providers of positive thinking.
The way to face feeling down and out is to aim for being "up and in" !
The value of a smile is a good beginning. For example -
It costs nothing but creates much;
It enriches those who receive
Without impoverishing those who give.
It needs no understanding of languages
Yet is understood by all
Speaking no word of ill
But only of good will.

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keith jeffries

Sat 15th Feb 2020 00:41


A poem of despair in a world which often seems bereft of any hope. Your poem is the cry of many who see only futility in their existence. This is a sad fact of life. We all feel undervalued and fall into the doldrums. Death can seem the only way out but the least glimmer of hope can nourish us to persevere and recuperate ourselves. Love is the great answer to melancholy and this can be found in a multitude of ways and with good people.

Thank you for opening your soul to us, even that takes courage.

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