At What Cost President Trump?

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At What Cost President Trump?


Trump has improved the economy

Of that there's no denying, it's true

But at what cost does it mean to the environment?

Consider what he now wants to do:


He wants funding cuts of:


75% Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

(agency dealing with carbon-neutral energy and new green technologies)


27% Environment Protection Agency


13% Department which oversees forests and parks


21% Foreign assistance programs dealing with climate change


Eliminate Advanced Research Projects Agency (addresses climate crisis and helps reduce carbon emissions)


Even with all these proposed cuts it appears room can be found for $2 billion for his Mexico wall.


These programs are vital to the future of life continuing on Earth


It's scary



Don Matthews February 2020


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Don Matthews

Tue 18th Feb 2020 02:58

Despite this he'll still get elected
And get his wall, yes, wall as well
What's that Don? You say there's a problem?
The environment? it can just go to hell

I got me my wall that's what all counts Don
To keep pesky Mexicans out
Hey? Why no green trees when I golf now?
Why trees gone dead in dis drought?

No matter I got me my wall Don
You got the same name yep? as me
"I have but don't dare call me Donald

Cos I might bite......



Mon 17th Feb 2020 22:45

Good assessments!!😄

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