Tourist Trap

Holidaying as a teenager
back when time moved slower
and thoughts were many
I’d cruise the gift shops
reviewing tacky souvenirs
This used to be a fishing village
now it’s a tourist trap

And picking up a handmade bear
with wonky mouth and vacant stare
big button eyes and blood red lips
I’d wonder of its maker, its creator
someone dreamed 
this bear into the world
someone thought this expression 
made it look cute

Was it modeled on a relative
was it ripped-off from some other toy
was its designer trying
to give a child some joy
or only focused on the ringing
of cash registers
and paying the bills
Did they live locally
or somewhere overseas?

Looking at the toy 
I’d be overtaken with a sadness
that someone tried and someone cared
if only for a moment
in their little lives

I’d set it back 
and wonder 
‘will this still be here
on the same shelf 
next year?'

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Don Matthews

Wed 5th Feb 2020 22:01

I liked this Tom for as Keith says there's an underlying story to it.

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Wed 5th Feb 2020 20:27

Keith and Frances thank you for the comments. I have always wondered if there were others out there who felt the same. A long time ago now, though.

Thank you Jon and Mika for the likes too. P.S. Frances thanks for sharing on your blog, I'll post it to mine in the next few days.

Frances Macaulay Forde

Wed 5th Feb 2020 18:09

Love it, Tom.
(Hope you don't mind if I share it...)

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keith jeffries

Wed 5th Feb 2020 14:53


This poem has a special quality to it because there is an underlying story. It is not some visit to a tourist shop where customers are assailed by a nebulous variety of goods but a personal encounter which is so well brought to light and clearly described.

Thank you for this


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Wed 5th Feb 2020 13:42

The inspiration for this one came from another poet's poem on this site back in November. I'm really curious to see if they spot the (admittedly tangential) connection.

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