The Short Life Of A Pill Bug


I roll up

into a ball

and kids have fun

playing with me

they like to poke me

with a stick

to see what I will do

some will throw me

some will place barriers    

in front of me

some play army men with me

I get rolled down hills

and buried in dirt

even used to make faces

on mud pies

no matter what

I keep going

over or under any obstacle

until I get stepped on

and then I am not

round anymore

but just a stain on the concrete

to be washed away with a hose

no trace of me to remain

such is the life of

a lowly Pill Bug

it's fun while it lasts

but it doesn't last

near long enough.





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keith jeffries

Wed 12th Feb 2020 16:19


I do believe you are adopting a new style of writing or your writing is developing due to real effort on you part. Another good poem.



Wed 12th Feb 2020 13:07

I like your poem and hope lots of people read it.

P. Bugg

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