Words of The Waiting Man 33

I believed in every word you said
It only brought me sad nights alone
So if the sky was on fire would you think of me
Because you picked a man that 
Couldn't love you more then me 

The ashes of the letters I tried to write you
My mind couldn't think of the words
That my tongue was throwing out
So kept these as our little secret
I think you were the one and only
Four years now you have a son 
I have lonely nights 

Hell I'm scared of dying alone
I was only happy with you 
So where's the sun when I need bright skies
I know my friends are telling me to get over you
I agreed to this promise
have I proved that have stick to my word yet

I can't lie to you 
That would make me no better then him
God knows I'll die for you 
It's not good enough for you
So I swallow the tough pill 
That you're never coming back

It's funny how you still get to me 
After all these years
I'm desperately waiting for you

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